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How to create value in Private Equity through communication

Proa Comunicación has conducted market research on the communication habits of private equity firms in Spain. The study analysed the practices of the main GPs, LPs and advisors of the Spanish private capital industry. Our analysis concluded that despite the fact that the communication of the sector has evolved significantly during the past few years, […]

The Vanity Fair breakfast with Iñaki Gabilondo

Last Wednesday, June 13th, Vanity Fair, advised by Proa Comunicación, celebrated a #VF Breakfast at the Orfila Hotel with Iñaki Gabilondo and the Director of Vanity Fair, Alberto Moreno. The occasion celebrated the presentation of the II INTERNATIONAL VANITY FAIR JOURNALISM AWARD to the prestigious journalist. During breakfast, a tribute to journalism, in addition to […]

The Alicia Koplowitz Foundation awards five short-stay research scholarships

The Alicia Koplowitz Foundation has awarded five scholarships for short periods of specialization and research in psychiatry, psychology or neurosciences of children and adolescents and in neuropediatrics in its 2018 call for applications. The scholarship holders will study for six to twelve months at universities and hospitals in the United States, the United Kingdom and […]

“Gold is a form of money that may even deserve to be called the last means of payment”

The chief economist of Degussa, Thorsten Polleit, points out that low interest rates, high debt, political instability and “the safety net of central banks” are the main dangers of the European economy Low interest rates, high debt, political instability, “without forgetting the safety net of central banks”, are the main dangers that threaten the European […]

Pilar Urbano at the Proa Observatory: “In the Nóos Case, the ethics of the Royal Household and the impartiality of Justice are under suspicion, only the judge is saved”

“Having the last word does not mean having the truth,” said Pilar Urbano, presenting her book ‘La Pieza 25’, key to understanding the ins and outs of the ‘Nóos case’, but with a certain irony she recommended “not reading the last three pages to avoid falling in melancholy. These are the pages dedicated to the […]

Proa Comunicación organizes a survey on physical gold with Professor Thorsten Polleit, Chief Economist of Degussa

Next Monday June 4 will take place at the headquarters of Degussa (C / Velázquez, 2), the conference: ‘The value proposition of gold’, presented by Professor Thorsten Polleit, Chief Economist of Degussa, will make a presentation at the It will explain how and why invest in physical gold to diversify the investment portfolio.This event will […]