Innovation and Communication, the perfect tandem

The vast majority of the professional disciplines that make up…
28 November, 2018/by Proa Comunicación

Branded content, an efficient tool for business communication

Digitization has transformed the way companies communicate their…
20 November, 2018/by Proa Comunicación

Public affairs: without trust there will never be influence

The management of Public Affairs has become an indispensable…
15 November, 2018/by Proa Comunicación

Communication, a valuable tool for managers and investors in Private Equity

The good times that the Private Equity (PE) sector is currently…
2 November, 2018/by Proa Comunicación

The “Google tax”, a short-term solution

On March 21st, 2018, the European Commission presented a package…
23 October, 2018/by Proa Comunicación

Risk auditing, a profitable investment

There isn´t a day that we open the digital version of any newspaper…
22 October, 2018/by Proa Comunicación

Technology dominates the intangible market

The top seven companies with the largest intangible value in…
18 October, 2018/by Proa Comunicación

Diversification and focus on business, values of communication specialized in asset management

According to Inverco figures, the market for Collective Investment…
16 October, 2018/by Proa Comunicación

Ten SEO positioning tricks

When companies decide to improve their digital reputation, there…
9 October, 2018/by Proa Comunicación

Communication, a lever for growth in private banking

One of the greatest challenges that we, financial communication…
27 September, 2018/by Proa Comunicación

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