Know How 

We have a deep understanding of the Spanish media, as well as our own specific methodology which enables us to provide high-added value services to our clients: Strategic Communications Programmes, Financial Communications, Crisis Management, Media Training, Market Reports, e-Communications, etc.

Client Commitment

What sets up apart is our commitment to clients. 90% of them have been recommended to PROA by current or past clients, which makes our level of referred business unique.


We pride ourselves in providing quality services that are second to none in the Spanish market. Our work is constantly supervised and monitored. We also have our own professional guidelines and methodology, which must be compulsory followed.


Our business model allows us to have a flexible approach. Depending on the situation, and on the client’s specific requirements, we can work either from their premises or ours.


We are a privately owned and independent firm, thus allowing us to be critical in our judgment and work. We can therefore freely choose our business partners depending on the specific needs of each client and the supply of the market.


We deal with sensitive and confidential information on a daily basis. That is why we always include a specific non-disclosure clause in our agreements with clients and take the appropriate measures to securely store our data.

International Network

We hold agreements with a network of independent and like-minded PR firms in Spain, Europe and the Americas, which allows us to provide the same quality services with a homogeneous methodology for those clients requiring simultaneous and coordinated management in different markets across the globe.