José Antonio R. Piedrabuena <span class="dash">——</span> The intestinal flora and our health

The gut flora is a striking display of trans-kingdom symbiosis cooperating gut bacteria with their animal hosts to regulate the development and function of the immune, metabolic and nervous systems through dynamic two-way communication along the “gut axis-” brain”. These processes can affect human health, as certain human behaviors appear to correlate with the composition […]

Jorge Freire <span class="dash">——</span> The imitative radiance

The family gets together to celebrate Grandpa’s birthday. A woman overcomes her sister’s apocryphalism and gathers her in a tight embrace. The uncle makes his teenage nephew drink from his glass, arguing that he “knows a lot about this”. Children and grandchildren crowd around the table like chicks in a nest. A cluster of vocal […]

Mario Garcés <span class="dash">——</span> Transition

The author denounces a general cause against the spirit of the Transition at the hands of a left that, he claims, uses a manipulated historical memory I am convinced that more than half of the new thinkers who think about Martin Villa’s role in the Transition and the events for which he is being judged […]

BCG report <span class="dash">——</span> The growing demand for female digital talent

The demand for digital talent is currently very high and growing rapidly, so much so that companies are embarking on a desperate race to recruit the best talent. However, they are missing a great opportunity by not reaching women more effectively. Women make up 36% of university graduates in the science, technology, engineering and mathematics […]