Lorena Saura —— There is no culture without communication

“There is no communication without culture, and no culture without communication.” Umberto Eco As Umberto Eco rightly pointed out, “there is no communication without culture, nor culture without communication”. Communication and culture are intrinsically related from the first moment in which communicating is part of one’s own culture and one’s own cultural object. When we […]

Victoria Ortega: The technological transformation in justice is absolutely necessary

Victoria Ortega, president of the General Council of Spanish Lawyers, talks with Valvanuz Serna Ruiz, PROA‘s managing partner, about the changes that the judiciary is facing as a result of the pandemic and how the technological transformation has been and is key for the sector . In this interview, Ortega affirms that the role of […]

Luis Abril: “For things to go well outside, you have to do it very well inside”

Luis Abril, economist, lawyer and consultant, talks with Lucía Casanueva, PROA‘s managing partner, about her long career in the corporate communication sector and her vision of the new challenges she faces. In this interview, Abril affirms that the image of a great company is shaped by all interest groups and that communication agencies must know […]

Pilar Urbano —— Does a journalist have the right to silence?

The motto “report rigorously, without favor and without fear” says almost everything about information. The rigor requires investigation, contrast of versions, documentation and testimonial, written, sound or graphic evidence … that endorse what is reported. The no favor points directly to neutrality, fairness, objectivity, without personal interests or the information company mediating or biasing the […]

—— BCG Women’s Boot Camp Spain

Boston Consulting Group (BCG) will hold the 3rd BCG Women’s Boot Camp Spain from June 22 to 24, an event aimed at female university students from all over Spain that offers the opportunity to learn first-hand how to generate value, impact and change the world from consulting strategic. Oriented towards university students of any branch, […]

PROA analysis: the debate under examination

The coronavirus and two very different political blocs (left / right) yesterday starred in the debate of the candidates for the Presidency of the Community of Madrid. The discussion focused strictly on the political situation in the Community, with hardly any reference to the national political situation. The recent fate of two of the candidates […]

Informe BCG – Most Innovative Companies 2021: Overcoming the Innovation Readiness Gap

According to the latest Boston Consulting Group (BCG) report, Most Innovative Companies 2021: Overcoming the Innovation Readiness Gap, the COVID-19 pandemic has demonstrated the importance of innovation excellence in turbulent times. Pharmaceuticals have performed superbly this year, joining tech and software companies that have dominated the rankings in recent years. The innovation survey has also […]

Rodrigo Rueda: “The insurance industry was born so that we dare to evolve”

Rodrigo Rueda, Head of Business Development Sapiens Iberia, analyzes for a new PROA video the future of insurance companies, Insurtech and the role of digitization in the insurance sector. In addition, in his role as CEO of Silex Digital, he comments on the advantages and innovation that this marketplace represents. This video can be reproduced […]