Iván Martén —— “Oil and gas must not be demonised”

Iván Martén, President of Orkestra – Basque Institute of Competitiveness, analyses in a new video by PROA the present and future energy situation and the energies that will be strengthened in the coming years. In turn, he describes the role that the green economy and decarbonisation policies will play in Europe’s economic recovery.  

PROA Report —— US Elections 2020

The presidential elections are filled with uncertainty following the first results. PROA analyses the context and how the victory of the Republican or Democrat will affect the future of Spain.     DOWNLOAD

—— Myriam Gómez, appointed Financial Communication Manager at PROA

PROA, a communications and reputation management consultancy, strengthens its team with the incorporation of Myriam Gómez as director of Financial Communication inside the firm. With a degree in Economics and Business from CUNEF, Myriam is an expert in communication and corporate reputation and has more than 20 years of professional experience in positions of responsibility […]

—— Activa Global Flexible SICAV relies on PROA to manage its communication strategy

Activa Global Flexible SICAV, a Collective Investment institution registered with the National Securities Market Commission, has chosen PROA to provide specialized financial communication services, in order to strengthen its position in the Spanish market, in the investor segment institutional, UHNWI and HNWI. The managers of Activa Global Flexible SICAV invest mainly in Spanish and European […]

—— Ontier

Audiovisual Communication

Position a leading law firm in creative solutions

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Spain’s reconstruction, with Ana Pastor

Ana Pastor, vice president of the Congress of Deputies and spokesperson for the PP in the Commission for Reconstruction, inaugurated the first post-COVID PROA Observatory on Thursday, July 23, with a talk on the activity and results of the aforementioned commission, whose documents were submitted to a vote the day before in the Lower House. […]