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Javier Ortega Smith, Secretary General of Vox to participate in the Proa Comunicación Observatory

Javier Ortega Smith (Madrid 1968), the Secretary General of the Vox political party, will participate in the upcoming edition of the Proa Communicación Observatories entitled ‘Defending Spain in the courts’. The Observatory will be held on January 21, 2019 at 09:00 AM at the Club Financiero Génova in Madrid. Ortega is a licensed lawyer who […]

Proa Comunicación, Madrid SnowZone and RFEDI, organize the II National Snow Sports Awards

Proa Comunicación, in collaboration with Madrid SnowZone and RFEDI-Spainsnow, organized the II National Snow Sports Awards, held last Friday November, 16th in the only indoor snow track in Spain. This gala served, for the second consecutive year, to pay tribute to the sector and its members: runners of today and always, stations, federations, clubs, institutions, […]

The successful Vanity Fair breakfast with Begoña Villacís

Proa Comunicación organized Tuesday, November 13, the informative Vanity Fair breakfast with Begoña Villacís, citizens´ spokesperson on the Madrid City Council. The event, which took place at the Hotel Santo Mauro in Madrid, brought together numerous media outlets and guests from different social and economic areas of the city. Villacís analyzed the political environment through […]

Branded content, an efficient tool for business communication

Digitization has transformed the way companies communicate their brand and product image. It converts communication into bi-directional, allowing the company to optimize its actions to the maximum, due to the fact it has the capacity to analyze the target, resources allocated to each action, and the return obtained through different metrics: number of users, degree […]

Borja Bergareche: “Fake news is a problem of the distribution of news by algorithms rather than the quality of information.”

“We have to differentiate between fake news and disinformation,” warned Borja Bergareche, Vocento’s digital innovation director, during his speech at the Proa Observatory, held at Degussa’s headquarters. Bergareche spoke about ‘Profitable journalism in the era of fake news and Silicon Valley platforms’, clarifying exactly what we mean when we talk about fake news, explaining what […]

Professor Pablo Fernández, next speaker at the Encuentros Degussa, organized by PROA Comunicación

Professor Pablo Fernández (IESE) will participate in the Encuentros Degussa, organized by PROA Comunicación, with a lecture on ‘Errors of Judges and Lawyers in Finance’ on Thursday, November 8 at 9:00 a.m. at the company’s headquarters (calle Velázquez, number 2).  Professor Fernandez will review the common mistakes he has encountered in dealing with lawyers and […]

Ten SEO positioning tricks

When companies decide to improve their digital reputation, there is widespread ignorance of the type of positioning and the options that exist. Although it may seem very basic, the most important thing is to know the difference between SEM positioning and SEO positioning: SEM (Search Engine Marketing) or paid traffic. It consists of hiring advertising […]