The Investment Priorities that Differentiate Digital Leaders

Companies that bet on expanding the capabilities of their staff…
19 July, 2019/by Proa Communication

How to communicate in a VUCA environment

How do we categorize VUCA environments? They are spaces dominated…
18 July, 2019/by Proa Communication

Catherine Barba: “We are Living in a World in Rupture”

"The world is changing faster than ever." With this categorical…
12 July, 2019/by Proa Communication

What Value does Lobbying Contribute to Businesses and Society?

Rafael Cabarcos and Carlos Sánchez, experts in lobbying and…
11 July, 2019/by Proa Communication

How to Manage Reputational Scandals

Alberto Andreu, associate professor of the Faculty of Economic…
11 July, 2019/by Proa Communication

“Companies can be penalized for mistakes of their employees in competitive activities”

Companies must know that they can be sanctioned for any prohibited…
11 July, 2019/by Proa Communication

Are You Captivated by the Leadership in Game of Thrones?

Say no more. As a woman, as a coach, and as a student of leadership,…
2 July, 2019/by Proa Communication

Interview with Arnaud Dupuis-Castérès, President of Vae Solis Corporate, Proa Comunicación’s Partner Consulting Firm in France

We interviewed Arnaud Dupuis-Castérès, president of Vae Solis…
28 June, 2019/by Proa Communication

Communication Challenges for Fund Management Firms

Antonio Salido, marketing and strategy consultant specializing…
27 June, 2019/by Proa Communication

The Increase of Debt and Public Spending and the Excess of Liquidity, Slowing Down Growth of Global Economies

Daniel Lacalle, economic adviser to the People's Party (PP),…
26 June, 2019/by Proa Communication

Training in Leadership

Pino Bethencourt, leadership coach and founder of Club Comprometidos,…
20 June, 2019/by Proa Communication

Public Speaking Courses in English

Pablo Carbajosa, professor of the English Public Speaking Course,…
13 June, 2019/by Proa Communication
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