10 Management Skills Required by Companies

Carlos Recarte, founding partner of Recarte & Fontenla, explains in Proa Comunicación’s video when companies should call a headhunter. Also, he describes to what extent it is important to consider the professional environment and highlights the 10 management skills that companies currently require:

  1. The courage and determination to take risks and accept failure.
  2. The ability to make decisions, especially those that are increasingly more difficult and lack perfect information.
  3. Self-awareness of strengths, weaknesses, and blind spots that prevent us from seeing our weaknesses.
  4. Flexibility to adapt to constant changes.
  5. Constant learning especially in personal development in everything related to the sector in which the company operates.
  6. The ability to be comfortable and well-versed in networking both physical and online.
  7. A developed global mentality that helps us have a more complete vision of the world and understanding of different cultures.
  8. The capacity to innovate and reinvent yourself in an almost constant manner.
  9. Integrity to say what you are thinking, and humility to learn from mistakes and failures.
  10. The capacity to motivate and inspire others to overcome the habitual resistance to change.