Alfredo Pérez Rubalcaba: If only Everyone were Like Him

Recognizing an undeniable narrative and documentary value, we’ve made available in our blog two opinion pieces published in ABC and El País respectively, about the figure who once served as Minister of Internal Affairs and as PSOE Secretary-General, Alfredo Pérez Rubalcaba.

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The first of the two, published in the La Tercera section of ABC, is authored by the former president of the Community of Madrid, the socialist Joaquín Leguina. In it, Leguina reflects on the virtue and influence of Rubalcaba’s political character and his role in preventing his party from tanking at a very complicated era of its history. Leguina refers to the socialist leader as a friend, colleague and partner with similar principles and objectives.

ABC Article: “Alfredo”

The second, signed by the former director of El País, Antonio Caño, highlights his legacy, his always moderate composure and his character as a repository of wisdom. Caño reflects on Rubalcaba as an exemplary personality and a excellent political leader. For Caño, a former director of the most important newspaper in Spain, Rubalcaba ought to be remembered as a passionate patriot who would never put his political ambitions before his values and principles.

El País Article: Si todos fueran como él (if only everyone were like him)