Brand purpose communication

Communications on brands purpose plays a role more important than ever in a company’s reputation. In this matter, Pilar Larrea, former Campofrío’s Communications Manager, explains the significance of this issue and what should be the company’s purpose.

Pilar Larrea’s Quotes

“Having a purpose is the reason for existence for a company or a brand. It must be something that intrinsically connects with your product or service and what it brings and benefits to society”.

“The cause or the purpose the company chooses has to be simple and relevant. The communication of this purpose should be done constantly and creatively in a coherent and consistent manner to acquire full credibility and legitimacy”.

“A Communication Manager should be able to foresee the trends and listen to their environment, he or she must pay attention to the expectations of his/her interest groups, as it is an opportunity to work with them as partners”.