Eduardo Rodríguez Rovira —— Confine virus, not people

This phrase makes sense, as does the reflection that in historical epidemics the sick were confined to the sick, not to the healthy.

I am surprised at how little radical feminism has publicized the success of the excellent political leaders who have managed to dominate the COVID-19 in their countries with some of the best global results in the two fundamental criteria: health and economy.

These successful political leaders deserve recognition. They are Prime Ministers Tsai Ing-wen (Taiwan), Jacinda Arden (New Zealand), Sanna Marin (Finland), Angela Merkel (Germany), Katrin Jacobsdóttir (Iceland), Erna Solberg (Norway) and Helle Thorning-Smichdt Denmark).

What was their strategy? Not to engage in ideology, but to govern using the successful triad: testing, isolating the infected and seeking the contacts of those infected, which serves to confine the viruses and the infected persons. They imposed from the beginning the immediate closure of borders, the use of masks and the performance of PCR tests. They have also made use of the so-called Arcas de Noe (such as the hotels in Madrid) to avoid congesting hospitals with non-serious cases, providing medical instruments, protection with adequate equipment for health care workers and special professionals, special attention to vulnerable populations, and limited confinement measures.

It would be cruel to make comparisons

Naturally, all this is in the past and it is very comfortable to give your opinion when the facts have occurred and you can compare the strategies of the different countries and their results.

But what envy do those who, when it was announced that the bull was coming, entered the bullring as a precaution and from there took good foresight measures (among others, having enough stocks of masks, test, epis, sanitary equipment etc.) and chose the successful strategy. Congratulations to those politicians who were well advised by truly competent and independent experts.

And what a pity those who, when it was announced that the bull was coming, did not pay attention, manifesting themselves irresponsibly, by not stockpiling. Naturally, the bull rammed them. He rammed us. As a result, more than three months in the infirmary.

But we are optimistic, although our country chose the losing strategy and we are in the European tail of the death/economy binomial, we have finally begun to put into practice what I have called the successful triad and even to use obligatory masks. We will manage to dominate the virus like the Asian and Oceanic countries, the Nordic countries, Poland, Austria, Slovakia etc. only three months late and with one of the most collapsed economies in the world.

And furthermore, as we have said that we are optimistic, why not hope that this virus will soon lose its virulence as has happened in other pandemics?

Eduardo Rodríguez Rovira

Honorary President of CEOMA (Spanish Confederation of Elderly Organizations)

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