Dr. Rafaela Santos: “Resilience is the capacity of the human being to face adversity and become stronger”

At the beginning of February, Proa Comunicación attended the presentation of the book ‘Mis Raíces. Family, engine of resilience’, work of Dr. Rafaela Santos, psychiatrist with a PhD in Neuroscience. “Resilience is the capacity of the human being to face adversity and become stronger”, she highlighted in reference to the topic of her new book.

About Dr. Rafaela Santos

“I am a psychiatrist with a PhD in Neuroscience, president of the Humanae Foundation and promoter of two scientific societies registered in the Illustrious Official College of Physicians of Madrid: the Spanish Institute of Resilience (IER) and the Spanish Society of Specialists in Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (SETEPT), both of international recognition. I offer my knowledge and experience through the programs of the Humanae Foundation. I have taught at several universities and currently coordinate a Postgraduate course in Neuroscience, Trauma and Resilience.

My interest in knowing more about the brain has been a constant since I started my medical career. I trained myself to live with trauma and thanks to these patients I have learned that suffering is part of the way. I like life very much and my work even more: I was born to be a psychiatrist and through my practice I try to make people happy.

My first book on resilience, Stand Up and Fight, won the KnowSquare Award in the Best Business Book category in 2013. It is in its 4th edition and has also been published in Mexico, Argentina, Colombia and Peru. Other publications on resilience: the ebooks Tú también puedes (Instituto Español de Resiliencia) and ABCdario de Resiliencia (IER and Unifikas, 2016)”.