Emotional management of coronavirus crisis

Proa Comunicación offers a service of emotional management of the coronavirus crisis. Ana R. Heras Piedrabuena, HR consultant and trainer of Proa Comunicación, helps companies to avoid the state of paralysis that this situation can produce.

“Fear paralyzes us. In ancient times, the human being was in a permanent state of emergency, had no explanation for what was happening in nature, diseases, infections, death, with very short life expectancies. All that has remained in our brain, in our emotional system. It has been mitigated and not too much, by culture, injecting knowledge and explanations.

Already in our current life we are not aware that these fears of the unknown are very badly tolerated, because they activate those terrors that are in our genetics. In this case, with the coronavirus, we don’t see the enemy, like those primitive ones, we don’t know when or where he will attack us, we have the sensation of not being able to neutralize the enemy, of not being able to dominate our reality. At this moment society becomes hypochondriac, the hypochondriac is afraid of the disease, tries to locate it and name it.

Now we don’t know if our neighbors, relatives or ourselves can get infected, we don’t trust anyone anymore. The collective emotion is one of panic, to our anxiety is added the memory of the devastating effects of the previous economic crisis. When that crisis attacked us, we did not know the extent it could have, nor the effects on our lives. Those effects left us traumatized as a society, amplifying the emotional effect of this crisis that we began to experience these days. We are talking about a sum of emotional traumas that we carry engraved in our emotional system.

The problem is that, if we put ourselves in a panic and survival mode, our creativity is annulled, our capacity to work, to fight, to get ahead is annulled. Companies and entrepreneurs become paralyzed, they “freeze” in the face of terror.

That is why it is more important than ever to put things into perspective, we must protect ourselves, we must take special care of the elderly. But beware of dogmatisms, ideologies, exclusive beliefs, because they give the security of being out of doubt, out of the wrong ones, next to the good ones, localized evil, neutralized, that is another plague, in this case of the mind”.

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