—— Gamma Health relies on PROA for mask communication to inactivate COVID-19

Gamma Health, a Spanish company of DiggiaGroup, specialized in the supply of health and protection equipment, has trusted PROA to develop the communication and marketing strategy of its new product, GHKill-VID-WiseProtec, the first reusable mask that inactivates the COVID-19.

Gamma Health has ensured the exclusive online distribution of this mask in Spain, which has been scientifically endorsed by the Institute of Molecular Medicine (iMM) in Lisbon and recognized by institutions such as the Direction Générale des Entreprises or the Institut Pasteur de Lille.

In the words of David Gómez García, Director of Institutional Relations at Gamma Health: “We are starting a collaboration with PROA as our communication agency that we hope will be long-lasting and prosper for everyone”.

They are currently testing the solution that will inactivate the virus in more fabrics with which to produce other protection garments aimed at the health sector.

Until the end of the month, Gamma Health offers readers of the PROA newsletter a 5% discount on all products on their website with the DISCOUNT-PROA code.

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