—— Interview with Emma Mateos, marketing and communications manager at SO-LA-NA Entertainment

“We are among those who believe that in these uncertain times it is more necessary than ever to continue programming with all the security guarantees”


What is SO-LA-NA Entertainment?

SO-LA-NA ENTERTAINMENT, is a show producer. We create and produce shows with the ambition of developing opportunities that transcend flamenco, scenic and musical art in general. All of our shows and artistic concepts pursue authenticity and innovation along with elegance and uniqueness in their staging.

In 2011 we started our journey with the internationalization of the Festival del Cante de las Minas with a production called, “Las Minas Flamenco Tour”, a show that rolled around the world; it was presented in Japan, India and in many European cities. A show that is also recognized as Marca España.

We also create special concepts and festivals at a national and international level, originally of flamenco art, which is what we are a benchmark for, and for several years, also jazz and pop shows.


What productions do you have planned for the 2020/2021 Season?

Nowadays, we produce BIG CYCLES, UNIQUE shows and CUSTOM-MADE shows.

The great cycles last a full season, as is the case with Flamenco Real, at the Teatro Real in Madrid, lasting 10 months. Or Flamenco Euskalduna, in Bilbao, also a great 6-month cycle.

Singular shows, such as the Summer Flamenco Experience, which took place last summer in Cabo de Palos, were the first “pairing” between haute cuisine and a super production with 20 artists on stage. And of course, TAILOR-MADE shows for private and public clients.

Flamenco Real, is one of the projects we are most satisfied with, a co-production with the Teatro Real, which we inaugurate this coming November 13. The third season in the most beautiful “tablao” in the world, the Isabel II Ballroom, we inaugurate it with the diamond of flamenco dance, El Yiyo. Even in these times of pandemic, the show has been sold out 20 days before the date of the performance and the season will last from November to July 2021.

Also in Madrid, at the Monumental theater, we started several jazz and flamenco productions. We are among those who believe that in these uncertain times it is more necessary than ever to continue programming with all the security guarantees to bring a little joy and normalcy into our lives, even if the expected profitability is not achieved.


What makes SO-LA-NA Entertainment special?

We pursue the creation of unique artistic concepts of high quality and authenticity linked to unique spaces for relationships.

For SO-LA-NA Entertainment, the creation and production of a show must be accompanied by a relational space, that is, a place where people, in addition to delighting their eyes with a singular artistic production, the “meeting” is made possible. among those who attend, leaving time reserved for a welcome wine, a meet & greet with artists or a sponsor dinner.


In your opinion, what reasons motivate companies to sponsor this type of artistic event?

I’d say there are three:

  • Public relations due to the exclusive nature of the events. Contributing to the consolidation of relationships with existing and potential clients by offering them to attend an exclusive event.
  • The generation of new business through the relationships created with other sponsors and their guests throughout the season, as is the case with Flamenco Real or Flamenco Euskalduna. In these exclusive relational spaces, only one sponsor per sector is contemplated, which allows the approach in a friendly and relaxed environment.
  • In the case of flamenco, the social recognition of it. Support the most international Spanish art: flamenco, considered an intangible heritage of humanity by Unesco just 10 years ago. In addition, do it in privileged places such as the Royal Theater of Madrid, the Euskalduna Palace, etc. with the highest return rates for tax deduction, which can reach up to 40%.


Do you also hold private events?

Yes of course. Private events are very important, putting ourselves in the shoes of our clients to create memorable events, to make their dreams come true, create what they have in mind when the opportunity requires it, it is a challenge, and doing it, also, in Any part of the world. We have created events in Mexico, Chile, India, Japan, etc.