José Antonio R. Piedrabuena —— The global problem of having politicians

They create a distrustful and disoriented society that does not know where the truth is because polarization and psychopathic deception have been cultivated and used as their crutch and support. Situated in negligence, authoritarianism or in an ideology that could not be developed within a consensus, a unity, a common project for the future, a united Nation, where ‘Everything for the Fatherland’ should be part of our project.

We are not at the end of anything, not even in a new normality, but at the beginning of something that can be very long and painful. And we are not able to see it as something global

In the previous crisis, while the countries around us responded by redoubling their commitment to knowledge, in Spain we responded with cuts in research and health. Not even the economic recovery changed the trend. At the beginning, everyone was looking at the health system as one of the best in the world, but now it is starting to look at the scientific and technological system, demanding tests, treatments and vaccines, but imported. It would be logical that this crisis would bring a greater interest in investment in knowledge, which in turn would bring more public investment and more stimulus to private investment, but nothing.

We have experienced the illusion of having placed and put on the level that corresponds to health care, farmers, police, Guardia Civil and others, but the virus has loosened up and they are already attacking the Guardia Civil wanting to demilitarize it, they are mistreating the salaries of ten thousand young doctors who will go on indefinite strike, they can see stone fruit crops that due to low prices are being left on the trees.

Two hundred thousand tonnes of olive oil are stored while waiting for prices to equal the cost of cultivation, and one hundred and fifty thousand tonnes are imported from Maghreb countries where they are not even remotely aware of the health guarantees implemented in our olive groves. There are tremendous stones and not one image of the damage caused to the countryside, since it seems that the damage to the farmers does not affect us.

They are too busy to spend half a million to track down attacks on the farm, or to threaten a company because it makes those little dolls that say in some homes ‘Here sleeps a princess and here a hero!

I’ve been a psychologist for fifty years and I don’t know where they get their concepts of developmental psychology, in this area and others for teaching children about sexuality. It seems to me profoundly mistaken and without scientific evidence to support their reforms.

Before the pandemic, nor now, were there 100,000 euros to buy the ‘Mosquito’, a crystallization robot or nano-droplet dispenser (nano liters) to dispense crystallization plates for the National Cancer Research Center. For lack of this money, a line of research on cancer and for the study of quadruple DNA proteins for COVID-19 is suspended.

Politicians, trash TV shows and talk shows are back in the media spotlight, not respecting the health and wellbeing we need when we go to bed, where we are presented with at least ten TV series full of violence. No more humour, intelligent dialogue, musicals and comedies. After a day of being shaken by the verbiage of ministers, their strategies of submission and their communication directed at those who assume that we are ignorant, despising the intelligence of the citizen and its manipulation by a common generation of politicians on all continents.

In these emotional conditions, half kidnapped and with the fear of death in their hearts, as well as the uncertainty in various fields of the future, they continue with their imposition of an ideology without taking care of the forty thousand families that have been destroyed by the death of parents and grandparents, which they have not been interested in attending to. Because they have to deal with teaching the new sexuality, and crushing the language with their inclusive language.

National nursing home policy maker Pablo Iglesias says it is a crime what has been committed with them, and he is honored to plead guilty. The virus has taken away his job and potential voters for the right.

Another psychiatric symptom of our state and of the falsehood of looking out for the disadvantaged and social policies … Francisco and his wife have been paying rent in a small flat since last February because a delinquent and his partner have moved into their house. These thieves, who are protected, are called, we don’t know why, ‘squatters’.  “They have spent the confinement in my villa with swimming pool, while I was paying rent in a small flat with my wife and newborn child. A strange Spain, subject to thieves, with bars on windows due to historical tolerance of them, which will not be seen on windows or balconies anywhere in the world.

Led by those who want to do away with the Crown, with ‘Todo por la Patria’ an irritating name for nationalists and people of the left who resent national unity, because they know that they will not go anywhere with a united Fatherland. They are bothered by the rag of the flag, the pachanga of the national anthem, religion, the rich, big business, the self-employed, concerted education… In short, to put an end to our way of life, to the Constitution that we gave ourselves, and to return to that magnificent paradise of Communism and the Republic that is giving so much joy in Cuba, Venezuela, Bolivia and elsewhere. All of this at this time when we are overwhelmed by threats and the lack of a project to confront them. And they continue to do their thing above our health, above our real concerns. They are attacking those elements that constitute our collective stability.

In Spain for almost eighty years, we have always had oppression, threats to which we have not followed what at every moment was considered politically correct. With the same moral superiority and dominating arrogance for belonging to the Blue Division, Guerrillas of Christ the King, addicted to the Franco regime, Falange, and now for being leftist and worse because we have several dogmatic fronts threatening from their oral superiority.

We have been watched and threatened for taking down the flag, or for protesting the deficient management against the virus, and confined to our homes above any other Nation.

Zapatero already started the perversion of the History of Spain, to divide us and that the mellifluous Registrar of Property, at that time President did not want to cut short. Amancio buys for us, all of us, half a billion in cancer treatment devices and is condemned. What can you expect from a people who attack a donation of such size? It is not only politicians, but there are also many very dangerous people among us who are encouraged and indoctrinated to do so.

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José Antonio Rodríguez Piedrabuena
Specialist in Psychiatry, and in management training, group and couples therapy