Marketing Outsourcing: A Solution for Businesses

In Spain, SMEs and independent ventures represent virtually the entire business fabric. These so-called “startups” received investments exceeding 1.2 billion last year in 2018 (9 times more than 8 years ago). All of these businesses have plenty in common, but without a doubt, one of the most important concerns is how difficult it is for them to make themselves known. Very modest marketing budgets are commonplace in all such enterprises.

Experience tells me that this problem is exacerbated in the startup world, where it is normal to have only one cartridge to survive. In this sense, the high turnover in key positions such as that of the CMO can pose a problem that slows the pace of growth and significantly increases costs.

It is very complicated (and expensive) for a CMO to cover all areas of a complete marketing department: corporate image, creativities, SEM, SEO, affiliation, campaign design, offline strategy, definition and monitoring of KPIs, media negotiation, communication, etc. It then becomes always necessary to have more staff and with the support of one or several agencies. This inflates marketing costs, sometimes even exceeding the amount intended for advertising.

El outsourcing del marketing es una muy buena opción para resolver este problema. Supone una alternativa barata y eficaz que puede significar un seguro de vida en momentos donde el crecimiento y la estabilidad determinan el éxito o fracaso de la empresa. Las empresas convierten sus departamentos de marketing en agencias especializadas. Las empresas tienen a su disposición todos los servicios que cubren las necesidades del negocio a un coste muy por debajo del que supone la contratación de un CMO a tiempo completo. Les garantiza poder estar a la última en todo lo referente al marketing permitiendo a los responsables de la empresa centrarse en su negocio. Se trata de una opción flexible, que asienta las bases de un departamento crucial a un coste muy acotado y de óptima calidad.

Marketing outsourcing is a very good option to solve this problem. It is a cheap and effective alternative that can be akin to life insurance at times when growth and stability determine the success or failure of the company. Companies would convert their marketing departments into specialized agencies. Firms could have at their disposal all the services that cover the needs of the business at a cost far below that of hiring of a full-time CMO. It guarantees that you can be up-to-date with everything marketing related, allowing those responsible for the company to focus on your business. It is a flexible option, which establishes the foundations of a crucial department at a very limited cost and at optimal quality.



Alberto Corcóstegui

CEO and Founder of No Limits Media/BIMADS and Associate Professor of Deusto Business School