Pablo de Villota —— F1 drivers or comedians on the networks? The old school resists ‘racing tiktok’

Pablo de Villota, head of Sports Sponsorship at PROA, writes an article for El Confidencial about the need to attract a young audience for F1 drivers and for the return of the media, which is forcing them to enter a dynamic that also distorts the sports part.

Riders and fans faithful to tradition, resist the new ‘disruptive’ ways of following the sport. Motorsport is no stranger to the revolution that the world of communication and forms of entertainment is undergoing. To a greater or lesser extent, all sports are experiencing a progressive disaffection on the part of the new generations and, to reverse this trend, promoters strive to innovate with the most diverse actions, which in addition to much controversy does not seem at the moment that they are giving positive results.

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