—— Research: How to achieve balance and success in the post-COVID stage

The team of Recarte & Fontenla, Executive Search, is investigating the impact of COVID-19 in the organizational world, undoubtedly a relevant action in the days we live. For this reason, we have offered to help them in the diffusion of their survey. If you have not already done so, we invite you to participate in this questionnaire, the results of which you will share with all participants.

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A new stage is being drawn and, as Recarte & Fontenla, we want to know the vision of the main actors. We believe that this is the way to build, together, the best context to develop the business activity that will lead us to a tomorrow proofed by unexpected contingencies, as it has been the COVID-19.

Thank you very much for participating.

PROA and Recarte & Fontenla Team, Executive Search