“Spain Leads in the Management, Measurement and Know-How of Reputation”

Currently reputation and trust are the most valuable assets for businesses. Intangibles already account for more than 85% of the value of companies in the S&P 500. Regarding the value of reputation and purpose for companies, we spoke with Ángel Alloza, CEO of Corporate Excellence.

Additionally, he also explains the main conclusions of the Report ‘Approaching the Future: Trends in Reputation and Management of Intangibles 2019‘, prepared by Corporate Excellence – Center for Reputation Leadership together with Canvas Estrategias Sostenibles. It also reflects on how the reputational asset has improved in Spain and how the voice of the CEO should be given more value within an organization.

The fourth edition of this report has had the collaboration of Dircom for the dissemination of field work and the Chair of Metrics and Management of Intangibles for the analysis of results. The report includes the present and future of intangible management, especially the emerging trends in reputation, sustainability, ethics and transparency.