Corporate identity development, audiovisual strategy and presentation to the media

PROA Comunicación developed the corporate identity of FaqFraud, a non-profit initiative that constitutes a line of help to stop fraud in the digital advertising ecosystem.

Positioning of Degussa as a reference firm in physical investment gold

Celebration of an event, press releases and meetings with the main national and economic media generating an important repercussion that has increased the recognition of the brand.

Madrid SnowZone
Organized the 1st National Snow Sports Awards

PROA Comunicación organized the 1st National Snow Sports Awards, created by the Royal Spanish Federation of Winter Sports (RFEDI) in collaboration with Madrid SnowZone. The awards ceremony was held on November 17, 2017 and paid tribute to the sector and its members.

W.R Berkley
Celebrated the company’s 50th Anniversary at Casino de Madrid

W.R. Berkley celebrated its 50th Anniversary at Casino de Madrid. In attendance at this event were the company’s founder and current Executive Chairman, William Berkley, the company’s President, Robert Berkley, and Gianluca Piscopo, CEO of Berkley in Spain, in addition to other main players in the insurance sector.

Xunta de Galicia
Presented the “5 Gallegas en Madrid” [5 Galicians in Madrid] campaign before the media

The Tourism Department of the Regional Government of Galicia (Xunta de Galicia) presented the promotional wine-growing campaign “5 Gallegas en Madrid,” achieving successful participation thanks to the over 40 accredited media that attended.

Fundación Alicia Koplowitz
Presented the 12th Scientific Conference before the media

The 12th Scientific Conference held by the Fundación Alicia Koplowitz foundation was presented and received significant national media coverage in the three months preceding the conference.

Marqués del Atrio
Developed the company’s reputation after it joined forces with Changyu

Press conferences and various meetings were held with the main national, sector and foreign media and press, generating significant media coverage, which has resulted in greater brand recognition.

Grupo Villar Mir
Change in the trend of the public opinion’s perception of the Colonial Operation

Incorrect information and opinions related to various aspects of Grupo Villar Mir’s acquisition of an interest in Inmobiliaria Colonial were neutralized.

QBE Insurance

Accident crisis management
railway of Santiago

It was possible to transmit in real time the progress of the payments made by QBE to meet the needs of the victims, thus reinforcing its image of solvency and seriousness before the public and the insurance sector.

Launch of a technology-based seed capital fund

BeAble has become a new way to invest in technology companies. The brand and project are rooted in the research community, institutional sphere and network of potential investors.

Vinci Autoroutes

Massive dissemination of the study on driving habits

More than 140 media impacts obtained in agencies, print media, digital media and radio and television throughout the two weeks of the campaign.

Howden Iberia

Positioning the insurance broker as one of the main players in the Spanish market

Strengthen the reputation of Howden Iberia as a leading player in the Spanish insurance market and support through communication its strategy to become the 5th group in the country.


Launch of a brand in the fintech sector

We collaborated in the launch of Wanna to its target audiences, creating a reference brand in consumer finance, taking advantage of the novelty and speed of on-line financial services.

Alhódiga Bilbao
International presentation of the project carried out by Philippe Starck for the re-launch of the cultural and leisure center

The communication campaign launch of Alhóndiga Bilbao achieved a significant impact on international media with an equivalent advertising value of around one million euros.