Fidentiis Gestión SGIIC


Service: Financial communication
Sector: Asset Management Industry


To manage brand communication in order to help raise the number of fund distribution agreements obtained by the fund management company.

Fidentiis Gestión SGIIC hired PROA to achieve three objectives for its communication strategy:

  • To strengthen brand positioning and notoriety
  • To highlight the outstanding qualities of its product and management style within the industry and among distributors
  • To boost AUM growth from 350 to 500 million euros. 


The strategy we developed fundamentally consisted of a financial communication service specialising in business models and investment philosophies within the asset management industry. It was divided as follows:

  • Immersion in the client’s environment: Knowledge of its stand-out management style and qualities.
  • Definition of the audience map
  • Definition of the action plan
    • Sponsorships
    • Participation at events
    • Media presence via news relations

PROA developed an outsourced communication department based on the needs of the client and supported by high levels of expertise in the field.

Through a series of actions comprising a 12-month integrated communication plan:

  • Creation of a corporate boilerplate.
  • Creation of an efficient map of events and sponsorships, and management of participation by the client in PR actions.
  • Preparation of press releases about fund anniversaries, prizes and participation at events.
  • Production of texts for opinion forums.
  • Management of Fidentiis Gestión profiles on Finect and LinkedIn
  • Recording and editing of videos with all the fund managers to talk about their investment strategy.
  • Management of interviews and requests for information from journalists.

Quantitative and qualitative monitoring of brand presence in the media.


The client achieved its objective to dedicate itself completely to commercial operations and reached new distribution agreements with private banks, financial consultancy firms and insurance companies, among others.

The PROA team demonstrated in-depth knowledge of the financial industry in general and asset management and distribution models in particular, which is almost impossible to find in its sector. They also have an excellent relationship with both the general-interest and specialist media

Desirée Gémar, Head of Investor Relations at Fidentiis Gestión SGIIC.

The PROA team is highly professional, immediately responded to our requests and was proactive with its proposals, which inspired complete trust from us and made it an extension of our company in this area of our business

Desirée Gémar, Head of Investor Relations at Fidentiis Gestión SGIIC.