Professional and public figure —— Confidencial


Service: Litigation communication
Sector: Finance, Healthcare


In 2013, a case came into the communication spotlight that put two people of recognised standing against one another: one with considerable economic and social influence and power; and another anonymous but with great professional prestige. When the case came to PROA, five years had passed in which the media had only revealed one party’s version, with the other’s reputation left in tatters. Our client asked us to help make known their version, thereby rebuilding their personal and professional reputation.

Two priorities were set:

  • To prepare a reputation report establishing parameters we needed to measure, along with intangible factors we needed to analyse and assess.
  • To develop a communication strategy and an action plan to rebuild the reputation of the damaged party and anticipate future harmful situations.


A strategy was drawn up to show our client’s version, regain the confidence of stakeholders and generate credibility without, under any circumstances, reigniting the controversy or attacking the other party.

  • Building a confidence triangle and a joint strategy between lawyer-client-PROA professional in litigation communication.
  • Briefing for personal contacts with opinion journalists from all the media to make known our client’s version. Pedagogical and confidence building work.
  • Meetings with opinion leaders and media editors.
  • The litigation communication professional organised the rotations and who should attend each meeting, as well as the topics to be discussed at each meeting.


The first piece with objective and favourable content for our client was published within 48 hours. Over the following months, objective and favourable milestones were published in all media. In some cases, articles were published in the same media channel by different journalists to show both versions. Results in the legal process proceeded positively. Our client did not lose any of their clients and successfully rebuilt their reputational image.