ASTI Mobile Robotics


Leadership and corporate positioning
Technology Sector, Healthcare
Responsible Lucia Casanueva, Valvanuz Serna, Bárbara Yuste, Fernando Pérez-Montero


In order to guarantee free spaces for COVID-19, ASTI Mobile Robotics developed during the confinement stage a virus load neutralizing robot for COVID-19 equipped with ultraviolet lamps created by BOOS Technical Lighting. The device allows disinfecting the environment through which it has circulated, destroying 99% of the germs, due to the capacity of the light to reach any surface and in a record time.  

The aim was to show ZenZoe as the reference system in the fight against the virus, highlighting its effectiveness and zero toxicity. Until now, the methods used in this work were based on the use of chemical products and highly polluting. The robot developed by the two companies from Castilla y León allows disinfecting the area in minutes, without leaving residues, and providing greater respiratory safety for users.


Even with these potentialities, some devices with ultraviolet light already existed in the market, which posed a greater challenge for positioning the product. A very powerful strategy was then proposed in the field of informative relations, focused on achieving the greatest presence of the project in the media, both generalists and specialists, in order to highlight the enormous capacities of the robot and generating, consequently, the necessary credibility that would facilitate the positioning of this pioneering technological initiative in the market, as well as that of its promoters.

The presence in the media consisted in the elaboration of different informative materials such as press releases, in-depth reports, analysis and opinion articles. Likewise, interviews were arranged with those responsible for ZenZoe with the aim of positioning this robot in the media sector and in public opinion. The focus of these actions was directed to general, national and regional media, as well as to economic and interest sectors for the two development companies.


The effectiveness of the robot in the fight against COVID-19 and the notoriety received by its presence in the media has allowed ZenZoe to become for both the public and private sector in the automated disinfectant solution reference in the market, not only in Spanish, but also in German and French, committing its production over several months on the occasion of the economic reopening.  


José Barros


Consultor y periodista especializado en Comunicación Institucional, Política y Asuntos Públicos. José tiene además una amplia experiencia en campañas electorales, donde ha trabajado en la definición de estrategias y en la preparación de innumerables intervenciones públicas. Estas funciones reflejan su competencia para transformar datos e información de muy variada procedencia en conocimiento cualificado y estructurado tanto para atraer la atención del gran público como para conseguir una acción eficaz. Entre los puntos más relevantes de su carrera profesional, destaca su labor como asesor en dos Gabinetes de Presidencia -Gobierno de España y Comunidad de Madrid-, así como su faceta de articulista sobre Relaciones Internacionales y Cultura en algunos de los principales periódicos españoles.