PROA Report —— US Elections 2020

The presidential elections are filled with uncertainty following the first results. PROA analyses the context and how the victory of the Republican or Democrat will affect the future of Spain.     DOWNLOAD

Spain’s reconstruction, with Ana Pastor

Ana Pastor, vice president of the Congress of Deputies and spokesperson for the PP in the Commission for Reconstruction, inaugurated the first post-COVID PROA Observatory on Thursday, July 23, with a talk on the activity and results of the aforementioned commission, whose documents were submitted to a vote the day before in the Lower House. […]

Public Emergencies, with Raimundo Herráiz

Prevention, learning from others who have been through the same thing, protocolizing actions, coordinating the dissemination of information and evaluating what has been done are the keys to good crisis management. That was the lesson that Yago de la Cierva, Director of Crisis Communication at Proa Comunicación, extracted after the intervention of Raimundo Herráiz, manager […]

The secret of success, with Olga Cuenca

“The secret of success is hard work, continuous training and being with others, not shutting yourself up, negotiating, sharing points of view”, summarised Olga Cuenca, doctor, founder and former executive president of Llorente y Cuenca, artist (Ty Trias is her heteronym) and consultant in several companies, in the October session of the Deusto Business School […]

The Spanish economy and its pending challenges, with Cristóbal Montoro

“There are reasons to think that this can go well, as long as policies do not spoil it,” concluded Cristobal Montoro, former Finance Minister of the PP, referring to the Spanish economy, in his speech at the Observatorio Proa Comunicación on Thursday, July 4. Montoro spoke about ‘The Spanish economy and its pending challenges’ before […]

Regaining Madrid for everyone, with José Luis Martínez-Almeida

“The centre-right cannot stay at home on 26 May”, insisted José Luis Martínez-Almeida, PP candidate for Mayor of Madrid, repeatedly during his speech at the Proa Communication Observatory with a presentation entitled ‘Regaining Madrid for everyone”, held at the Wellington Hotel.Martínez-Almeida placed special emphasis on the need to mobilise his electorate “to exercise a democratic […]