Big success of the Madrid VAT Forum 2021, managed by PROA

Spanish VAT Services Asesores once again trusted in 2021, for the third consecutive year, the management of communication from the Madrid VAT Forum to PROA. The first digital edition of the only congress on VAT to be held in Spain was very successful, as it had an even greater number of attendees than the previous […]

Paz Martin —— “Whenever there’s a crisis, women’s rights slow down”

Paz Martín, president of BPW Madrid, analyses in this interview with PROA Comunicación the position of women in the business world. She admits that “the values, principles and discourse that motivated the creation of BPW, the most influential women’s lobby in the world, in 1930 are still very much in force because the changes in […]

Innovation is no longer an option

Just as the industrial economy was marked by the expansion of markets, the incorporation of new spaces and the working mass, the post-COVID-19 ‘new situation’ points to digital transformation and innovation. Although there is no predefined plan or magic recipes, communication is a strategic and transversal factor in the processes of innovation and digital transformation […]

Spanish consumers will change their consumption habits in the new normality

One third of the market is at stake: shift from out-of-home consumption to retailers, shift between channels, brands and products New patterns of food consumption that will mark the transition to the new normality: greater consumption in the home, the search for price and value and the growth of e-commerce In this context, the winners […]

Rethinking communication

In these days of forced stops, which give you time to read more calmly and to stop and think, I am left with the following reflection of the British philosopher John Gray: “one advantage of quarantine is that it can be used to renew ideas. Cleaning up our minds and thinking about how to live […]

“The future of journalism is to be ethical, moral, rigorous and high quality”

Ex-director of El Mundo David Jiménez said that “the future of journalism is to be ethical, moral, rigorous and high quality” during an observatory held at Proa Comunicación on Wednesday, March 4. After making a quick review of his professional career, from his entrance in El Mundo as a scholarship holder to his controversial arrival […]

Pilates: Harmony between Mind and Body

Pilates highlights that physical health is an essential requirement for happiness. In its 10th Anniversary Videos, Proa Comunicación analyzes Pilates as a lifestyle that creates harmony between the mind and the body, elaborating as to what extent it can help improve our health and well-being.   

10 Keys to Understanding Audiovisual Content Consumption in Spain

The Communication Companies and Markets Investigation Group (GIMEC) of the Faculty of Communication at the University of Navarra has presented a study titled “Identifiying the Drivers of  Consumption for Audiovisual Content of Fiction and Entertainment in the Spanish Market”. Their conclusions have been grouped in the following decalogue, explaining ten keys in understanding audiovisual content […]

The 2019 Oscars: the Communication and Rectification of an Academy Intoxicated of Itself

Not necessarily everything that entails the Oscars has a cinematographic notion. Success stories, failures, discourses of protest or on injustices are a necessary part of the entire Oscars Gala. Its 91st edition was destined to make history, but it turned its gaze to champion a seemingly obsolete stagnation, although firmly rooted in the worn structure […]