An effective communications consultancy model.
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To position a leading law firm in creative solutions
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Leadership in times of crisis
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Actions that connect with stakeholders and impact on business

The sea that inspires us shows us that we need to be ready to navigate the uncertain waters of our current environment.

In times of automation, immediacy and noise, leaders and their organisations need loyal and optimistic flexible teams, while the market needs effective and human communications. At PROA, we believe in a new standard of high-performance communications consultancy for decision-makers at organisations who need a quality, fair and discrete service aimed at applying thought-provoking and committed methods to help them take decisions that will positively impact their reputation, their business and society.

360º Communications Plans and Strategies for Companies

At PROA, we are experts in designing and developing integrated communications plans for companies and organisations, with the rigour and confidence demanded from supporting the most senior figures at the companies that place their trust in our services. We know that, today more than ever, communications must offer a pragmatic and optimistic focus capable of resolving real problems and contributing to the growth of our clients

We develop innovative and effective communications strategies in environments where new technologies combine conventional media with other communications channels. Experts in B2B and B2C.

We design tailored projects aimed at specific stakeholders with ties to the business and the reputation goals of our clients, whether they be consumers, investors, employees or regulators.

We develop integrated communications projects that place the client at the heart of the strategy, pro-actively and reactively harnessing every opportunity to communicate openly, transparently and effectively in different channels.


Our own experience and methods as a corporate communications consultancy firm



A stage during which we delve into the client, its environment and its core issues and influencers. We understand the challenges it faces, anticipate threats and identify the opportunities it can harness. We apply our MÉTODO BITÁCORATM, a market analysis and intelligence system for gaining profound insight into the industry and competitive environment


Strategic recommendation and team creation

We offer a customised, realistic and creative recommendation focused on obtaining results for our client. Our flexible structure allows us to engage the best professionals with the seniority required at each stage of the project, while streamlining resources and working in partnership with the client and its team.



Determination to ensure that the results from our work contribute to the growth of our clients and that excellence abounds at every stage of the project; from collecting the brief, to measuring and delivering results.

“We set up PROA determined to become the trusted consultancy firm of company boards and senior executives in the Spanish business sector”


A meeting point for reflection and dialogue that explores shared knowledge and serves as a compass to guide us through ever-changing territories.