The involvement of a natural or legal person in a judicial proceeding is a critical moment not only because of the consequences derived from the court’s resolution of the case, but also because of the direct repercussions that the case has on the reputation of those implicated.

The professional prestige that the accused may have earned over the years can be discredited in a way that is almost impossible to recover, in just a matter of minutes. This negative image affects in a very short time the business of the implicated party, losing the confidence that investors that previously had in the affected entity as a reputable partner.

Quick and effective action is of utmost importance to foresee parallel judgments and to try to avoid them a priori. Once image is damaged, the situation can also be reversed: a complex and meticulous feat of communication is capable of restoring public image and even reinforcing it to positively influence the judicial scope of the incident.

These tasks involve intense crisis communication and efforts by our experts with legal representatives of the affected party side by side, with whom it is necessary to coordinate a common strategy (judicial and communicative) that helps both to find solutions to reputational problems and to advance the process in the most positive way possible for the client.

The ability to discern between the different stages of the proceedings and get the most out of it from a communication standpoint; the availability of the appropriate contacts within the journalistic field and the experience in designing and implementing action plans adapted to judicial proceedings which also take into account the uniqueness of each medium are vital elements in achieving success.

Proa Comunicación acts before economic crimes, violations of competitive or data protection norms, labor or environmental disputes, accidents, human rights issues and other types of situations that may affect the reputation and good name of individuals and companies.


  • Strategic analyses
  • Communication plan design and strategy implementation
  • Media relationship management
  • Training and coachinge of spokespersons
  • Recovery of damaged reputation
  • News monitoring and assessment of the progress of affected image
  • Preparation of material (mother ideas, strengths, chronologies, possible questions and answers, arguments, situational analyses, intelligence, predictions)
  • Analysis and management of social networks
  • Accompaniment to hearings, trials and other judicial events
  • Internal communication to employees and shareholders
  • Reputational protection in the different judicial stages (instruction, extrajudicial agreement, hearing, trial, resolution, appeal, etc.)
  • Reputational protection in the face of labor, environmental, competitive, data, tax fraud, criminal, civil, administrative and even consumer complaints disputes