Bárbara Yuste, Digital Communication Director of Proa Comunicación, recognized among 100 Women with Communicative Talent

Bárbara Yuste, directora del Área de Comunicación de Proa Comunicación, ha sido elegida una de las 100 profesionales de la comunicación con talento para comunicar en el décimo aniversario de Perspectivas Wellcomm de la Comunicación, una publicación de referencia en el sector, que a lo largo de sus diez años de trayectoria ha contado con la participación de referentes comunicativas de diferentes ámbitos, entre otras razones porque, como se destaca en la web de Perspectivas, “en el mundo de la comunicación las mujeres somos mayoría”.

Bárbara Yuste, Communication Director of Proa Comunicación, has been chosen among one of the 100 communication professionals with talent to communicate on the tenth anniversary of the Wellcomm Perspectives of Communication, a publication of reference in the sector which throughout its ten years of existence has had the participation of notable communicators from different areas, among other reasons because, as highlighted in the Perspectives website, “in the world of communication women are the majority.”


This is according to the Gerdercom study conducted by the Association of Directors of Communication (Dircom), presented in December 2018 which states that the communication sector in Spain is characterized by a majority presence of women (56% compared to 44% of men) , although the glass ceiling remains (only 56% occupy managerial positions) and the salary gap (almost 12% of women executives earn less than their male counterparts). At any rate, the editions of Wellcomm Perspectives have always been marked with balanced participation between women and men.

The senior consultant of Proa Comunicación participated previously in the 2012 edition of the Wellcomm Perspectives of Communication with an article on “The Power of Social Networks in the University Sphere” (access to the complete document).