Family Office Consulting trusts in PROA for its communication management

Family Office Consulting is a company that offers wealth advisory, assets management, discretionary investment, capital preservation and organic growth services to high net worth clients, and has broad expertise in the financial, energy and real estate world.

With a Private Banking approach based on a stable and long-term customer relationship, Family Office Consulting offers its clients a wide range of investments and co-investments directly and through different investment vehicles. These meet the security, profitability and liquidity standards, without geographical barriers.

Family Office Consulting specializes in the financial, energy, real estate and venture capital sectors. To do so, it relies on the collaboration of highly specialized and expert partners who bring value and growth potential to each investment project.

Since March 2020, Family Office Consulting has trusted in Proa Comunicación to develop a specialized and efficient financial communication strategy that highlights the differential value of its real economy and financial assets investments.