Proa Comunicación Boosts the Visibility of Entrepreneurship Among Women

A few days ago, Professional Women’s Network Madrid presented its M+50 Emprende project at the Wayra accelerator headquarters. In order to achieve visibility and media coverage, the organizers hired Proa Comunicación, which was in charge of the operations related to the media and the impact of this event.

The conference, which was organized together by Wayra and the open innovation hub of Telefónica and 50PRO, under the title “Keys to senior entrepreneurship: innovation, technology and new trends”, was attended by the president of PWN Madrid, Raquel Cabezudo, who was in charge of opening the meeting, and the general director of Research and Technological Innovation of the Community of Madrid, María Luis Castaño, among others. Among some of the ideas that were put on the table and that were reflected in the subsequent reports, the one that stands out is that Madrid was defined as the perfect ecosystem for entrepreneurship and support for start-ups.

Cabezudo insisted on the need to launch a project like this one, because “there are 112,000 highly educated professional women in the 45 to 54 age group who are unemployed, a figure far higher than that of men. For this reason, PWN Madrid also supports entrepreneurship “as one of the ways to boost business,” said its president.  “Within the Project M+50 Emprende there are different activities that we are going to carry out to raise awareness, such as workshops that facilitate entrepreneurship or the creation of an ecosystem and a network of women to support each other, because men support each other tremendously and women do not have that support network,” said the president.