Proa Comunicación produces a video about the Marqués del Atrio’s harvesting way

In order to show how a day of harvesting is and how the grapes are transferred to the winery, Bodegas Marqués del Atrio has commissioned Proa Comunicación the script and production of a video, where you can see the activity that takes place around a day of harvesting, capturing the tradition, perfection and quality that have always characterized the brand.

When Jesús Rivero, general manager of Marqués del Atrio group, took the leadership of this project, he was very conscious of the fact that the objective was to produce a wine of excellent quality and that it would also have all the personality that one of the best areas of Rioja provides and with the experience of more than 100 years of his family in the wine world. Constantly seeking to improve the quality of the wine, over this time significant improvements have been made in the vineyards and the winery. In recent years, a special interest has been devoted to studying the different plots in these vineyards, the production and ageing of each sub-plot separately and the study of the vineyard soils, determining where the best quality grapes are to be found and discarding those that do not reach the quality required by the great wines of international renown.