Professor Pablo Fernández, next speaker at the Encuentros Degussa, organized by PROA Comunicación

Professor Pablo Fernández (IESE) will participate in the Encuentros Degussa, organized by PROA Comunicación, with a lecture on ‘Errors of Judges and Lawyers in Finance’ on Thursday, November 8 at 9:00 a.m. at the company’s headquarters (calle Velázquez, number 2).  Professor Fernandez will review the common mistakes he has encountered in dealing with lawyers and judges in more than 150 trials and arbitrations, in boards of directors and in acquisitions. The errors he will analyze are not exclusive to lawyers, but are applicable to many other people of varied training and professional activity.

Pablo Fernández holds a PhD in Business Economics and a Master’s degree in Business Economics from Harvard University. He also holds an MBA from IESE and is an industrial engineer from the Universidad de Navarra (San Sebastián). Before starting his teaching career, he worked as an analyst and financial coordinator for Pepsi Cola in southern Europe (Portugal, Spain, Italy, Libya and Malta) in Spain and also in Rome, at the same time as he combined it with the financial management of the Mediterranean region (Egypt, Turkey, Lebanon and Jordan) and Sudan.

The Encuentros Degussa are stable forums for the dissemination and exchange of ideas with the participation of outstanding executives, academics, politicians and professionals. The aim is to foster a genuine dialogue involving customers, partners, friends and suppliers. These sessions deal with current affairs, economic analysis and others related to Degussa’s activity, investment in precious metals.  These meetings will open in November 2018 with the participation of IESE Finance Professor Pablo Fernández.

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