Seminario APD – PROA —— Storytelling and Storywriting: How to create business value stories in the face of the COVID

In the business world, the hardest thing is to get attention. There are too many competitors and too much information.

Emails are routine and distant. Documents are difficult to understand. Articles for in-house magazines are clichés. And even Powerpoint contents are boring. And what is worse, we do not even know how to order our ideas.

The following skills are developed in the course:

  • How to write e-mails with a language that captures attention.
  • How to organize ideas quickly and be direct.
  • How to use short story and TV script techniques to explain things better (storytelling).


  • With the Storytelling techniques you will learn to write a seductive email by modulating the verbs and using some empathic words. You will know how to write a clear and well ordered document with storytelling techniques. You will write a pleasant article for the internal magazine or for other publications, using the techniques of the film script.

You will find it easier to write seductive sentences in your Powerpoint by practicing visual thinking.  And you’ll easily organize your most complex ideas using the list technique. You will also use it to prepare your speeches. In short, you’ll be able to capture the reader’s attention.

Addressed to

  • Executives, managers, companies or persons in charge of any company or public and private institution.


Download here the information brochure with the programme and practical information about the seminar