The Vanity Fair breakfast with Iñaki Gabilondo

Last Wednesday, June 13th, Vanity Fair, advised by Proa Comunicación, celebrated a #VF Breakfast at the Orfila Hotel with Iñaki Gabilondo and the Director of Vanity Fair, Alberto Moreno. The occasion celebrated the presentation of the II INTERNATIONAL VANITY FAIR JOURNALISM AWARD to the prestigious journalist.

During breakfast, a tribute to journalism, in addition to calling for the immediate dismissal of the current Minister of Culture and Sport, Gabilondo reviewed a variety of current issues such as:

  • Women in journalism: “Women are the most dynamic group in society.” The journalist believes that we will remain in prehistory as long as we do not resolve key issues in the feminist struggle such as conciliation.”
  • The future of the news company: “I believe that journalism needs to invest and spend, but only by paying can journalism be first class. Free everything is a touching illusion, but it’s completely impossible.”
  • The Lopetegui case, to which he expressed his surprise: “the Lopetegui case has all the ingredients of madness.”
  • The current political situation: “tax fraud cannot be considered a problem of the past.” In addition, he recalled that this argument was also used in the past with GAL.
  • The Royal House: “Some called Philip VI a radical because of the firewall he established with his sister, but it has been proven that his actions were intelligent.”
  • Even his current “true curiosity in the context of the extraordinary effervescence of the world in which we live, is in constant change.” He also stressed the need for research and resources to be devoted to education.

Iñaki Gabilondo, the favorite voice of the Spanish people for decades, received the award from Vanity Fair in recognition of his successful and professional career, a reference for several generations of journalists.

During his professional career, it is worth noting that his radio and television programs have enjoyed large audiences, marking a milestone with the radio program Hoy por Hoy, a leader for almost 20 years. Through these, he has consistently conveyed the restraint and reflection that have always characterized his journalism, acting as a backbone and integrator of all voices.

He is the protagonist of three books: Testigo de la Historia  (a selection of interviews), Verdades como puños  (a review of the politics of the moment) and El fin de una Época  (a book that analyses the threats and pinnacles of journalism). He has received and continues to receive numerous awards, including four Doctor Honoris Causa degrees in Madrid, Valencia, Lérida and Burgos. A list to which we add our recognition to the man who modernized Spain with a radio, where his indispensable voice always treated as equal to that of his guests, whether they were ordinary citizens or political leaders.

Award Ceremony

The award ceremony took place during a dinner held June 12 at the Hotel Santo Mauro, in collaboration with Johnnie Walker Blue Label.

Attended by:

Ángel Garrido, president of the Community of Madrid; Miguel Ángel Oliver, Secretary of State for Communication, Jaime de los Santos, Councilor for Culture, Tourism and Sports of the Community of Madrid, Ángel Gabilondo, Spokesperson for the PSOE in the Assembly, Ignacio Aguado Spokesperson for Citizens in the Assembly, Begoña Villacis, Councilor for Citizens, Andrea Levy, Deputy Secretary of Studies and Programs of the PP; the designer Agatha Ruiz de la Prada with Luis Miguel Rodriguez; the journalists Luis del Olmo, Maria Guerra, Daniel Gavela, Sandra Barneda, David Jimenez; the Hon. Marquis of San Vicente del Barco, Fernando Martinez de Irujo, also representatives of the film industry such as producer Fernando Bovaira and director David Trueba, among others.


Leticia Díaz and Elena Olay.