—— “We are a boutique company with a multi-sector client base”

The managing partners of PROA, Lucía Casanueva and Valvanuz Serna Ruiz, have participated in an interview for women entrepreneurs on the occasion of the presentation of the new strategic positioning and visual identity of the company.

Could you tell us about PROA?

PROA was founded in 2009 after the managing partners of the consultancy worked in the large companies of the sector: LLYC, Kreab, Porter, Novelli… From our time in the multinationals we learned the methodology (which we continue to apply), but we also learned what we did not want to be. We are a boutique company with a multi-sector client portfolio and a team of senior professionals involved in the management and implementation of projects. Our vocation is to be an outsourced communications department, for which it is key to have professionals who are experts in the client’s business area and to rotate teams as little as possible.

How important is communication today?

It is in uncertain and complicated times like the ones we live in that communication shows its true value. In this “new normal” knowing how to transmit the right message is key to moving forward, generating hope or joining forces. Now we must communicate realistically, coherently and show empathy with the environment. Communication is essential in any company or institution at this time and must be transparent, close and very agile.

At PROA we believe in a new standard of communication consultancy. What characterises this standard?

In PROA we have been pioneers in working with a flexible structure, which allows us to have the best professionals, with the required seniority in each phase of the project, optimising resources and working in collaboration with the client and its team. Each member of our team has to contribute to the growth of the client and that excellence is perceived in each and every phase of the project, from the collection of the briefing to the measurement and delivery of the results.

What values define PROA?

We believe that excellence and commitment to a job well done defines us. In the current context, there is room to offer good sense in front of excessive expenses; reflection in front of immediacy and noise; honesty and excellence in all levels of operation, and with a structure flexible enough not to generate superfluous expenses.

In June, the company adopted a new strategic positioning and visual identity. What led to this?

After ten years of existence, it was time to evolve. It was time to launch a new logo, a new website and a new value proposition to the market: an effective communication model.

How has COVID-19 affected you?

The reality of the COVID-19 for PROA is that we have worked more than ever. PROA’s client portfolio has clearly committed to communication, which has become an essential asset. In addition to working on the usual client portfolio, we have had a very active pipeline of new business proposals, so the strong pace of activity has made us focus on providing solutions to clients and having a positive impact on their income statements.

PROA has developed the Logbook Method. What does it consist of?

At PROA we work with determination to create value for our clients. We apply our Bitácora Method, which is a system of analysis and market intelligence to know your sector and your competitive environment in depth and to be able to offer you a solution tailored to your needs.

What do your clients look for in PROA Comunicación?

Clients look for professionalism, senior service and consistency between the service promise and the delivery of the PROA team. The client who comes to PROA seeks strategic advice and excellence in the implementation of communication plans.

How would you describe the evolution of the company since its inception?

The company has evolved with the clients’ demands and with the permanent change in the way of communicating. The PROA now offers all the services that a client may demand: from the communication office, to a corporate video, web pages, annual reports, crisis communication, etc… all carried out by veteran professionals and with a commitment to excellence.

What projects does PROA have in the medium and long term?

This year we want to continue growing in Spain, both in terms of clients and services. To strengthen our international alliances in France and the United Kingdom and to make the PROA brand known throughout the country. So far we have been very focused on Madrid and it is time to do a roadshow to make ourselves known in the different autonomous communities with our differential proposal of communication consultancy.

This interview has been reproduced in Mujeremprendedora