The professional prestige that a professional may have earned over the years can become discredited almost impossible to recover in just a matter of minutes once it is imputed. This reputational damage affects the entire business value chain in a very short time. Quick and effective action is of vital importance to anticipate parallel trials and try to avoid them a priori. Once the image is damaged, the situation can also be reversed: a complex and meticulous communication effort is capable of restoring the public image and even reinforcing it and positively influencing the judicial sphere.

We have professionals with more than 20 years of experience in court journalism and communication. We act against economic crimes, violation of competition regulations or data protection, labor or environmental conflicts, accidents, human rights and other types of situations that may affect the reputation and good name of people and companies.


• Immersion in issues

• Preparation of a strategic plan

• Relationship with the communication media

• Education and training of spokespersons

• Damaged reputation recovery

• News monitoring and evaluation of the evolution of the image.

• Preparation of material (mother ideas, strong points, chronologies, possible questions and answers, arguments, situation analysis, intelligence, prediction)

• Analysis and management of social networks

• Accompaniment to hearings, trials and other judicial events

• Internal communication to employees and shareholders

• Protection of reputation at different judicial moments (investigation, out-of-court agreement, hearing, trial, decision, appeal, etc.)