Digital communications is a strategic asset that should form part of all reputation management at companies. The digital transformation requires adaptation and adjustments to how a brand is represented on digital channels and especially how it communicates on those channels. Audiences have fragmented into interest groups, and knowing how to provide relevant content to their conversations in the digital environment is absolutely essential. This must all be done while staying in touch with a global communications strategy supported by a partner with global and specialised vision.

We influence the digital chatter by aligning targets between the various channels and the offline communications strategy, we identify communities and conversation territories, and we create specific content to build more solid relations with stakeholders. We protect brands in crisis situations with a plan specifically designed for the digital environment.


• Web design (corporate websites, e-Commerce, reserves manager, etc.)

• Content marketing

• Social media management

• Social Ads

• Web analytics and social media analytics

• SEO positioning

• SEM positioning

• UX consultancy