The Proa Observatories are discussion forums guided by the participation of prominent executives, politicians and professionals.

They were enacted with the vocation of being a laboratory of ideas, where a genuine dialogue is fostered to debate current business issues, as well as corporate reputation, brand and public affairs as important elements for the improvement of companies.

Among the personalities who have participated in these meetings are the economist Manuel Conthe, the President of Red Eléctrica Spain, Jordi Sevilla, the former Minister of Education, Culture and Sport, José Ignacio Wert, the writer Pablo D’Ors, the Director of External Communication at Deloitte, Antonio Belmonte, El Corte Inglés’ Director of Communications and Institutional Relations, José Luis González-Besada, the High Commissioner for the Spanish Brand, Carlos Espinosa de los Monteros, the writer Pilar Urbano, the Director General of the OJD, Manuel Sala, and IESE Professor Yago de la Cierva.