From lockdown to Spain 2.0

In pre-confinement Spain, work was being done on the digitalization of our economic and social reality, but without pace. The apostles of the physical still found an echo to their arguments and more in a community where socialization is an essential part of the character. In a few days we learned that pandemics can be […]

The Importance of a Bank’s Reputation

Joaquín Maudos, Professor at the University of Valencia and Deputy Director at the Valencian Institute of Economic Research (IVIE), examines the relationship between the bank and the consumer, in an article published by the national economic newspaper EXPANSIÓN.  He reveals the worrying fact that no bank sits among the 50 companies in Spain with the […]

What do Corporate Banking Customers Want?

What are the current needs of corporate banking customers? To this day, they still demand managers who they can fully trust, along with products and services for their financing and transactional needs. Now, however, they desire even more. They want the relationship with their bank to be simpler and more direct, while also wanting to […]