Banking and reputation, how the Spanish economy has evolved in recent years

Íñigo Fernández de Mesa, Institute of Economic Studies‘ president and CEOE‘s vice-president, participates in a new video of Proa Comunicación where Valvanuz Serna Ruiz, managing partner, asked questions about economy and reputation. Fernández de Mesa analyses the evolution of the Spanish economy in recent years and highlights the reputation of Spanish banks after the 2012 […]

Do we know all the financial digitalization variables?

The financial digitalization concept refers to the complexity of the subject, on the one hand, digitalization, a technical concept, on the other hand, financial, a very important business sector in Spain. In Physics there are many analog and digital processes, in mechanics, electronics…they indicate continuous (analog) or discontinuous (digital) processes, which are produced or stopped […]

Technology, Regulation and Customer Relation are Keys of the Financial Sector in 2020

After the financial crisis of 2008, which led, among other consequences, to greater interventions of regulatory bodies in the activities of banks, asset managers, intermediaries, investments services companies, insurers and other operators, the financial sector continues to be immersed in a deep transformation of its business and customer relationship models. Technology is the main trigger […]

The Importance of a Bank’s Reputation

Joaquín Maudos, Professor at the University of Valencia and Deputy Director at the Valencian Institute of Economic Research (IVIE), examines the relationship between the bank and the consumer, in an article published by the national economic newspaper EXPANSIÓN.  He reveals the worrying fact that no bank sits among the 50 companies in Spain with the […]

Key Steps for the Banking Sector to Improve its Reputation

The latest scandals involving large banks picked up by the press – the illegal eavesdropping ordered by the previous BBVA chairman, the unsuccessful appointment of the Santander´s incoming CEO and the lawsuits filed by investors who have lost their money in Banco Popular shares or mandatory convertible bonds – portray how Spanish banks continue to […]