The financial industry takes on the transformation of the business after COVID-19

In its second analysis of the transformation of the banking business brought about by COVID-19, the Boston Consulting Group (BCG) focuses on the impact on business profitability in a group of banks in the US and Europe, and the client’s vision of the new dynamic of relationship with his entity that will bring about the […]

Spanish consumers will change their consumption habits in the new normality

One third of the market is at stake: shift from out-of-home consumption to retailers, shift between channels, brands and products New patterns of food consumption that will mark the transition to the new normality: greater consumption in the home, the search for price and value and the growth of e-commerce In this context, the winners […]

Increasing the number of women entrepreneurs would grow the world economy by $5 trillion

An article published by the Boston Consulting Group (BCG) states that, if there were the same number of women and men entrepreneurs, the world’s GDP could grow by approximately 3% to 6%, which would represent between 2.500 and 5.000 billion dollars to the international economy. However, women entrepreneurs still need the support of various groups […]

Why Data Science degrees are unattractive for STEM students?

According to the Boston Consulting Group and BCG GAMMA report “What’s Keeping Women out of Data Science?“, almost 50% of STEM students believe that data science is excessively theoretical and that work in companies in this discipline still has little impact. Furthermore, there is a feeling that data science is more competitive than other fields. […]

Coronavirus: status, risks and implications

The latest update on Covid-2019, also know as Wuhan’s Coronavirus, informs that although deaths are still increasing, these are doing so at a slower rate than in previous weeks. However, we are faced with a cyclical risk in that we do not know when the pandemic will end. It also represents a financial risk because […]

Only a small group of companies is harnessing the potential of AI

A new study from Boston Consulting Group and MIT Sloan Management Review reveals managers’ growing concerns about the risks of AI. Additionally, it highlights the five organizational behaviors that companies taking advantage of AI’s value have in common. After many decades of progress, artificial intelligence is ready to become an important resource for many businesses, […]

Did You Change Your Preferred Brand for Environmental Reasons?

Boston Consulting Group (BCG), Global Fashion Agenda (GFA), y Sustainable Apparel Coalition (SAC) have published a new edition of Pulse of the Fashion Industry, a report that annually evaluates the social and environmental factors of the fashion industry in terms of Pulse Score (sustainability indicators used in the report). Madrid, 20 August 2019. The awareness about social and environmental […]

The Investment Priorities that Differentiate Digital Leaders

Companies that bet on expanding the capabilities of their staff and invest more in technology tend to show a higher degree of digital development than those that devote less resources to these priorities. This has been demonstrated by a study from the Boston Consulting Group (BCG), that surveyed 1,800 companies from Asia, the EU and […]