Innovation is no longer an option

Just as the industrial economy was marked by the expansion of markets, the incorporation of new spaces and the working mass, the post-COVID-19 ‘new situation’ points to digital transformation and innovation. Although there is no predefined plan or magic recipes, communication is a strategic and transversal factor in the processes of innovation and digital transformation […]

Rethinking communication

In these days of forced stops, which give you time to read more calmly and to stop and think, I am left with the following reflection of the British philosopher John Gray: “one advantage of quarantine is that it can be used to renew ideas. Cleaning up our minds and thinking about how to live […]

What do customers expect from their brands in the middle of coronavirus?

February 13, 2020 was the 60th day since the first coronavirus death in Spain. I like to consider it the beginning of the crisis, since the arrival of a mortal victim turns any conflict into a crisis. Since then, so much has happened, at an accelerated speed, that it seems like years have passed. The […]

Why do they call it a press conference when they mean a press release?

Part of the crisis caused by COVID-19 is affecting the relationship between the government and the media. Last week, around half a thousand journalists, as well as the main associations that represent them, supported a manifesto entitled ‘The freedom to ask’ to protest against the system implemented by the Executive to face the press conferences […]

Almeida and leadership

Investor and philanthropist Warren Buffett said that “only when the tide goes out do you know who was swimming naked”. Well, the tide has come out in one fell swoop, and how. We don’t remember a tide like that; at the time of writing we have 3,434 dead in Spain and what we have left. […]

The power of communication in times of confidence crisis

In these days of uncertainty and already physical separation, communication in corporations is more important than ever. Companies have a responsibility to their employees, but also to their customers, suppliers, public administrations, the media or the financial markets, because in addition to guaranteeing their security, the way in which this situation is managed can be […]

Felipe VI and crisis communication

We lived a few days of emotions of all kinds and all very strong. At a time when the coronavirus has paralysed our lives in the dry we are faced with another scenario that deepens the crisis of the monarchical institution. Or perhaps it strengthens it? Let us analyse a case of crisis communication which, […]