Repitition (I): Side A

Although not unexpectedly, it is most unusual that cautions and objections to the televised debates of candidates for senators and representatives have to be repeated, like the elections themselves, only six months later. Already spring of this year saw four electoral calls (general, European, municipal, autonomic) in April and May which provokes an indigestion to […]

Why it is Important to Learn how to Debate

Marco Bolognini, founding partner of Maio Legal, highlights the importance of debate skills and the need for countries like Spain or Italy to reinforce their practice in the education system. In addition, he details why the skills that that he learned are important due to the level of debate in the legal field. 

Doubles on Scorched Earth

Situated at an intermediate yet uncertain (and apparently capricious) point between the parliamentary debate and the party rally, the television debates have been incrementing in multiples of two: two debates for the frontrunners, two debates for other candidates (for Barcelona, for example, on RTVE and TV3), the debates conventionally between two have now been between […]