Authoritarian leaders, progressive leaders

Alexander the Great directly attacked the Persian warlord who fled in fright scattering his army. Hernán Cortés with only five cavalrymen charged Aztec Cihuacóatl, shot him down and his army was dispersed. Tito, the marshal, goes to another life and Yugoslavia split up; Saddam Hussein, eliminated, his people continue fighting among themselves. Franco died and we have become divided again, to this day. Dictatorship produces social fragmentation, because it does not count or it eliminates those who do not share its vision.

The authoritarian leader can unite, for a short moment, opposing forces present in any group, large or small; conflicting intentions, selfishness, forces of cohesion and fragmentation while he lives, then it returns to the previously broken society that was hidden the whole time.

Each brain is settled in its dogmatic fortress, with its beliefs and unshakable opinions, its difficulties to think differently. Therefore, in any group, family, or nation we find all that is human; a gathering of beings equal in emotional ambivalence, with automatic thoughts and actions without question, with love and hatred, with the need to ignore or attack what is different, denying the “sins” of their leaders. This is not going to change present-day democracies, which we left in the hands of characters or emerging movements responsible for the existence of the enemies to vote against it. Emotions are manipulated, people are driven to exploding, confronting and destroying each other. They make us mad, they make us regressive, they see us talking about politics with friends and relatives and they will show ruptures, aggression, discreditation. The need to live in politics based in disqualifications in the absence of programs and deep understanding of what the Nation needs, has permeated society.

The true leader almost predicts the future. They are an integrator, and need everyone. However, the ones we have are going to win elections, piss off and confront people.

There are tactics as old as humanity, to awaken messianic hopes, united by universal Christianity, for planetary revolution, or as a progressive project. Another tactic employed in Spain, every day, is to point out the enemy so that they feel that they are attacked or threatened and join in the discrediting scheme first and foremost until they can reach the annihilation of the “enemy”. Both tactics produce social depression, disenchantment and the people who identify with these issues. The majority of society become disillusioned and depressed.

Now we are “lucky” to have a progressive government. Those of us who are not will be confined by a cordon sanitaire.

The progressive, in declaring himself as such, during these times in Spain has a brutal emotional force, it is a moral accusation, a contempt for those of us who are not. It is used to create guilt, to exclude, it is the narcissus who believes himself to be superior, because of his class, his position, his status or because he is left-wing and progressive. Quite the opposite to the unifying movement that we need.

A good personality assessment is to understand the effect of your language, your expressions, your presence. If we feel, undoubtably, fear or that we are cornered, we are facing a psychopath or a pathological narcissus. In this case, the progressive government, formed by progressives with the claim that places them on the good side, clean, ideal, on the honest side of history, with social programs, with their corresponding obsequiousness, with a good cleaning of street names of those undesirables, they position themselves on the right side. All of this is part of progressivism – not progress. Make a story that confirms their moral superiority that are awarded in its entirety. In such a way that I and my fellow citizens remain on the side of those who need to mark ourselves, or something that differentiates us, since we are right-wing and other epithets less innocent. It is the usual perverse trick, the heretics, the infidels, who unleashed tremendous social forces or the class traitors who ended up on the sidelines.

It has been difficult to reach agreements because they hammer every day stirring up differences, and disqualifications, in the electoral processes, before and after. It lacks the superiority of a pathological narcissist who becomes morally superior.  We have a couple who love each other. But one of them is in love with the other partner’s money.

Elections as a Solution

Now there are more elections and then there will be others in which we are going to remember again that there are good and bad and to divide us, to confront us. Therefore, a disease is being treated with a botched job: elections. They spend their days dividing, disqualifying, ignoring, and sometimes on television inciting division. Their brain, like that of Don Quixote, does not care whether they are sheep or mills; their readings, their left-wing creed, need them to be saviors and giants. Quixote, in his omnipotence and in his literary intoxication, could not but invent enemies of his stature. He is the drug addict of many ideologies.

In this work of undermining to divide us, the electoral results that we have are inevitable. I would say that it is a perverse urge, a need like a heroic knight defending his ideals, without seeing the reality we need, only the one that comes out of his own ideology. We all know that they are in this playpen of people playing cards, while things happen that move us away from the tasks that lie ahead and slow down our development as a People. It is the result of this brain we have: a set of preserved primitive evolutionary experiments, of shoddy jobs, shortcuts and archaisms tending to elude complexity and move forward, we need strong lines, to define enemies, to remain seeing or feeling that we are in correct and other characteristics that I have described earlier. Christian Salmón: “A society driven by half-truths goes straight to the abyss.” There have been many in this electoral campaign, custom-made stories have been created. “Now Spain” for now with the independentistas.

The progressives of Nicaragua seized power and created a state of repression and violence by the government against the population. Another progressive in Colombia divided his country between good and bad. Ecuador has also exploded in the face of the progressive policies of leftist governments; Cuba, Venezuela, a model for some of our young progressives, who have contributed to bring “progress” to the nations mentioned.

José Antonio Rodríguez Piedrabuena 
Specialist in Psychiatry and Psychoanalysis

The Elections, Part One

Our brain has not been built for us, it comes from a series of preserved adaptive successes, modules, parts, systems that come from evolution, which explain why we are the way we are. Moreover, the structure of our brain is common to all animals that have vertebrae. We cannot be so naive that all of the sets of characteristics inherited within the anatomical and functional structure common to all animals with skulls will not participate in who we are. We have no arguments to deny that we are animals. The flat worms at the bottom of the sea had already invented the neurons, this system helps them to coordinate actions.

We have a history that can be traced back 550 million years through the evolution of nervous system components.

The brain is a whole, an inseparable unit: brain, body and environment, present and past, familiar and ancestral, functioning in its three domains in an instantaneous and constant interaction, absolutely inseparable. Within this whole, the mind is formed, although we do not know how.

The brain is predictive, it anticipates: It takes measurements based on its predictions of movements from the senses and from the mind. But with this brain common to all those who have skulls, our predictions and theirs are usually limited to what is just under our noses, to the present. Those hominids of two million years ago, or a million years ago, or forty thousand years ago, were in a hurry, urgent, harassed by day to day, full of dangers, inclement weather, and with a very short life expectancy. That brain remained and serves us currently. That lack of predictive capacity is behind all the addicts, the electoral proposals for this campaign, the lack of prediction of the future of the sedentary, of the fanatics, of the misadjusted. We do not hear our politicians talk about the education that we need for the challenges that await us, nor about climate change, nor about doing, as in any company, an audit on the functioning of bureaucracy, so that it is cheap, efficient, technified and to facilitate the life of the citizen. They and we are watching and analyzing from our groups of so limited belonging all circulating at night with the short lights of this legislature, of our ideology and of our belonging.

Each brain that makes predictions will be influenced by other brains and it will be able to influence others

Principle exploited by marketing with “the new format, the new model, the latest generation, progressive project”. We live with automatisms and internal representations that are going to be the guides of our decisions.

The need to interpret reality with thick strokes in order to be able to decide in that environment of depredation or ephemeral opportunities had to be grasped without delay. And with the addition that the senses do not offer a literal reading of the world, because the brain interprets according to stored contents, seeking that they coincide to save energy. Through all defence mechanisms we maintain our personal construction of the world, our identity, beliefs, phobias and philosophies. From the beginning of evolution, brains were created to decide between black and white; entertaining in details that could cost us our live and we have preserved it in the present mind. They see why simplicities, lies, hoaxes, disqualifications, left- and right-wingers, the powerful that so fascinate some frustrated politician because he has not been able to reach the sky, the facades, or the banks and capitalism. All that amalgam has accompanied us since the beginning of civilization until now and all this arsenal of emotions of the caverns are used as destructive weapons of the coexistence and against the deep and true understanding of facts.

This has weighed us down, because this biological need, passed on to our psychology, places us in a position to simplify, to eliminate good and bad nuances. With very little interest or capacity for the complex that prevents quick decisions. A meeting had to last a few hours in which the party explained its program, this is not done because we do not have mental capacity, nor interest, nor desire to know. We are emotionally in the caves of Altamira, and those needed simple things to get out and live. The changes in nature, in the brains need millions of years to take place, the genes do not vote for any party and in this the progressives continue to deceive us. Basic emotional attitude, we have already said it as a deficiency perfectly exploited by demagogues, slogans, political proposals, persecutions and exclusions. They are successful because we have inside simplified summaries that we use for everything, among others about ourselves and the world around us. The brain compares these summaries with the new that is presented to it with the intention that they coincide and it is not necessary to change of opinion nor of position: I already know this! I already knew that! We are programmed to be paranoid, where did you leave my socks? Create an outside enemy and they will follow you. “Society has…! In my house we always vote for…” “I will vote for this party until I die. Try to blame guilt outside and stimulate our simplicity and we will vote for you. Influenced by simplicity and by finding the culprits of… “The fires in the Canaries have been the fault of capitalism”, a distanced way of destroying and missing the truth, but explainable by my naration.

The brain looks for contrasts that give it a thick outline of simplicity, because the complex does not allow quick decisions and evades extra time that results in waiting that can become an added danger by demanding expensive mental work in terms of energy.

The creation of great categories of functioning through dual thinking…, stayed with us. Thus we already have the basis of electoral propaganda, which will never be the detailed exposition of programs because humans would not concentrate on studying them; and, for the rest, politics must have the emotional characteristics of religion. See North Korea and the efforts of today’s communists to achieve something similar, because Fidel, Maduro and the rest of the group have been left half-hearted.

José Antonio Rodríguez Piedrabuena 
Specialist in Psychiatry and Psychoanalysis

How do our Brains Work?

Rafael Yuste, a Spaniard, at Columbia University in New York City, is studying in a program focused on the brain for ten years in the US. So take a look at the simplifications that are working out there.

“It’s a type of exploratory research, like getting to a new continent and seeing it for the first time. Many of the lessons we have learned and that we are still learning were unpredictable until very recently. The entire brain is used even when we are asleep, and it only turns off when the patient is in a coma, and not completely. Spontaneous brain activity is one of the great mysteries of Neuroscience: why do we spend so much energy keeping it active all the time? Because the brain works multidimensionally. ”

“I guarantee that there are going to be new neurons that nobody has described before and types of neurons that people have previously described that are going to disappear.” “We cannot explain most of its functions, how the brain processes a thought, a notion, a sensation or an action. To do this, we will have to map the networks of the brain and see how information is transmitted through those networks, which will require many new technologies and theories that we still do not have. We do not know how they connect with each other and we do not know how the information is transmitted through these connected networks .”

You may have noticed that a Spanish scientist, speaking on behalf of an advanced team, says that we do not know what an emotional process is. Do you realize how often we hear or read about “emotional intelligence experts? And even marketing based on how neurons work. ”

Gaps in Human Behavior

Emotion, or better to say feeling, the feeling of comfort, feeling good or bad, anger, anxiety, pain, these are all biological states, body, glandular, sympathetic and parasympathetic. Therefore, they are the most unconscious.

If there are thousands of neuroscientists studying the brain, it is because of its enormous complexity that we have immense gaps in our knowledge about it. On the other hand, I insist again that, in many technological researchers, there is constantly so much ignorance about what is culture, civilization, the life of the Planet be belong to, human behavior and, therefore, future ventures into technology, putting in the media’s very imaginative news about our brain. You should feel very encouraged that the media highlights all the news about the brain, emotions and motivation, without contrasting with specialists, and thus contribute to degrading the cultural environment. We are flooded with headlines.

José Antonio Rodríguez Piedrabuena 
Specialist in Psychiatry and Psychoanalysis

Stories about our Brains in the Media

“A team of researchers from the Pohang University of Science and Technology in Korea have created some organic nano cables that simulate the functioning of biological synapses; the highways of our brain. The distinction of this advance is that they consume almost the same energy as ours, about 1.23 femtojoules. “Now they “only” have to reduce to a tenth the thickness of the nano cables. By then, we will be much closer to a biological computer or a digital brain. ” This is the news that instead enlightens us away from true knowledge, and lead us to believe that the brain is only connections, cells to cells, makes no sense. The digital brain is a joyful occurrence. And it seems that this gentleman has not delved into what synapses, electrical, or chemical, or lateral connections are.

In a cubic millimeter of the brain, there are about 100,000 neurons connected through 1 billion connections that communicate by exchanging chemicals, ions, and other substances that cause this activity. Do you mean this real brain?

The brain weighs a kilo and four hundred grams. The dendrites: extensions of each neuron to receive information and send it to the body of the neurons, when the total amount is added together, gives us a figure of 70 with 70 zeros. Without counting on these connections, they can change, exchange in seconds, increase or decrease their size, disappear, assert their connection strength or decrease it. They are usually not fixed, nor stable. Something that this laboratory seems to disregard.

For this immense network to work, more than one hundred neurotransmitters are needed and twice as many other substances from a complex metabolism of the entire body, which includes the digestive brain and the ten million sensors distributed throughout our body and being sent to our brain constantly. This information must be added to the organizing center that we call the brain, as well as the bacteria that form the intestinal macrobiota, thousands of proteins that act as enzymes, as signals, as structural support and many other functions. The brain is the center of our bodies’ nutrients, oxygen from the blood, and a network of blood vessels measuring 600 kilometers.

In that brain insulin plays a role. This role serves as an important neuromodulator that contributes to neurobiological processes, such as cellular, biochemical and molecular functions, but which is manufactured outside the brain, as we know, in the pancreas.

Insulin has a major role in synaptic plasticity, in the mood, learning: it exerts a neuroprotective function, in the birth of new connections, for the survival of the circuits, even as a neurotransmitter.

Insulin from the pancreas plays a major role in cognitive processes, attention, overall functions, learning and memory.

The mind-body relationship is being scandalously simplified. They have to explain to us where they are going to install a pancreas to supply insulin to that biological brain that they plan to manufacture.

(Insulin, aging, and the brain: mechanisms and implications. Abimbola A. Akintola and Diana van Heems Department of Gerontology  and geriatrics, Leiden University Medical center, leiden, Nethederlands)


José Antonio Rodríguez Piedrabuena 
Specialist in Psychiatry and Psychoanalysis

The Deforestation of Spain

The agriculture industry is being deserted due to lack of economic profitability, yet, we all know that some deserts or almost deserts, due to a gold rush were filled with inhabitants. Politicians say that towns have to be filled with services; here where I am there are … for those who are left, the elderly. Another paradox is that in Castilla La Mancha the real estate tax has been raised, when almost all of those assets are owned by retirees, that is the social policy.

Those still in the fields have endured nearly two hundred thousand robberies of crops, machinery, those taking place only in the last year in this Community. No one would be able to leave their payroll out in the open with the envelope open. Farmers’ payroll has ended for years due to these bestial September floods.

In the fields, species disappear. Birds cannot live with so few insects, because we want fruits that have no spots. Peasant producers are attacked through ruin prices and bureaucratic complications. Lettuce, peaches and other products, including nuts, are sold in supermarkets with a 500% margin, and nobody does anything, the same with olive oil or potatoes. The acting minister says that they are the laws of the market. What laws? Because the bureaucratic complications, sanitary controls, the health guarantees that our products have, increases production costs and competition within the same products, but with production processes and costs that are not the same. To sell in the US requires some demanding quality and sanitary protocols. With those of us who compete, do we demand the same protocols as our products? Conclusion: We cannot compete and we will have finished with the commodities sector.

Without remedying this situation, they give subsidies to entice young people return to the countryside that is not and will not be profitable to live on. That is why it runs out of people. As long as changes are not made to many things in the generation of agricultural prices and consumption, the main responsibility falls on the paying customer.

Result: 800 thousand small farms that sustain the villages in which they are located disappear every year. The very clever, not including myself, say they are the rules of the market. While I eat an apple from Chile, that until I reach my hand exhaled into the atmosphere many kilos of CO2! I am surprised by the smart ones! Politicians, purchasing centers and citizen, do not wonder why the 75% of fruit plantations have disappeared from Spain. And, in no time grains.

The villages remain empty because artisan, livestock and farming businesses are eliminated due to lack of profitability. Salaries do not adjust to productivity, they are well above it.

The Minister is stunned when the interviewer tells him that this year there has been a very low production of oil worldwide and that the price in Spain is going down. This year, 2019, they are leaving the olives of Extremadura in their groves and the oranges in their trees for lack of benefit; if they had been harvested they would have taken money out of their own pockets. The same is happening with milk, legumes that are exhaling CO2 on their way from Peru or the fruits of Brazil. This involves large supply chains subject to the consumer who only looks at the prices linearly, purchasing centers and large distribution chains are attacking producers in order to satisfy the citizen who is not aware of how his purchase decision affects the dwindling livestock and agriculture enterprises in Spain. That citizen who does not have much criteria, apart from the price, contributes to the collapse of the profitability of the industry and, in little time, almost all the food in the field will happen to come from abroad, packed in millions of tons of CO2.

In the town where I write this, there are two of these young people, who have received farming subsidies, have worked … and, in the end, nothing. Like those before them who abandoned those same profitless lands only in order to survive. Working with prices, for example, of gains from 30 years ago and expenses of the twenty-first century. I insist again: What is the price in terms of the destruction of the climate for a fruit that comes from Chile to Spain? Artichokes and asparagus from China? What is its exhalation of CO2 in our environment by its transport? With the same guarantees as asparagus from Navarra?

We don’t want to understand how we destroy our planet. The consumer has rejected the possibility of growing in Spain, legumes, potatoes, oranges and maybe even olive trees.

José Antonio Rodríguez Piedrabuena 
Specialist in Psychiatry and Psychoanalysis

Arsonists and Rapists

We are surprised that a crocodile is so tender as to transport the eggs, from one place to another until their children are born, or that a panther is loving and takes great care of its children. In another scene we will see both with unusual ferocity. That is the functioning of all brains and ours. It goes from empathy to fierce attack.

What happens, however, is that all other animals do not project their mental, biographical contents, their envy, their revenge; they have no inhabitants in their mind, no personal stories, no nefarious characters to attack by projecting them outside. For animals’ attacks need no explanation because they are a part of their livelihood.

Humans are inhabited by biographical stories, by group pressures and other incentives to break down the norms that prevent us from being the panther that attacks. Beings with weak defenses to control their instincts of death in this case are credited as limited development as human. A rapist wants to kill the essence of a person. And an arsonist hates life, wants revenge. I treated one, the attack was against his father, projected in a pine forest. A person with an emotional blockage and weak intelligence.

Crowd of humans living and imitating. Influencers have been created for them. Until it becomes a way of life. And at the bottom of this are the rapists, of the arsonists.

The fact that the visual media puts the image of a fire in detail but never a detailed description, made by biologists, environmentalists and other experts that describes the terrible damage that it causes in everyone’s lives, makes people see only what it is to them. In many cases, they see the fire sexually. This human crocodile has gone on a fierce rampage, and the day before yesterday, it was a kind being. And let it be known that the catastrophe of the Canary Islands was produced by a man who was on the street with charges. It indicates that society, all of us, the judges and the politicians who legislate, have a vague, diffuse feeling of what fires mean for the planet and climate change. I accuse them and my neighbors who let the trees on their sidewalks dry from the cold indifference of their gaze, the same that can be seen in the eyes of the cat before an attack. It is the lack of sensitivity to feel the living.

The rapists, apart from moving to a brain function with structures of the predatory animals that we have deep inside, also imitate. But there is something else, they do not know human sexuality, they are frustrated because the organ only works if there is violence, not discussion with their partner. They don’t know love-sex. And another thing is that they do it in a group to show friends that they are manly men, that the whole pack is, because like all imitative beings they don’t know, nor are they sure if they are man enough or not. That is why we get up every morning fearing the appearance of another pack. Or another imitative behavior, the last one resulting in falling off a cliff taking a selfie, another imitation behavior to belong to the group of “self-expression,” to feed a slight exhibitionism from belonging to a group.

Finally, the media must be accused of ignoring the fundamentals of being human, actually, in part, they live on it, of addressing that elementary part with their garbage televisions and their headlines of the most eccentric, violent or villaneous. I think they are activating imitative personalities, personalities “as if” they are presenting them a situation to imitate.

Already politicians who do not perceive nature, or science, or culture instead manifest themselves in their programs and behavior, rather than human improvement.

José Antonio Rodríguez Piedrabuena 
Specialist in Psychiatry and Psychoanalysis

The Genetics of Human Beings

Dr. José Antonio Rodríguez Piedrabuena, a specialist in psychiatry and psychoanalysis, reflects on the genetic programming of human beings in the fourth video of the five made by PROA Communicación.

“New technology moves us away from our genetic programming, Our genetic programming is based on love, coexistence and nature.”

José Antonio Rodríguez Piedrabuena is a member of the International Society of Psychoanalysis, the Analysis Group in London, the Spanish Society of Psychiatry and the Institute of Psychosomatic Studies and Medical Psychotherapy.

Why do we Use Drugs?

Dr. José Antonio Rodríguez Piedrabuena, a specialist in psychiatry and psychoanalysis, reflects on drugs and addictions that distance human beings from their genetic programming in the second video of five made by PROA Communication.

“Our genetic programming look for simple, natural pleasures, nothing to do with what we can find in the aisles of the supermarket, nothing to do with video games, social media, or other aspects that do not represent a reward. The real reward is to be healthy, survive , live together, and be emotionally stable, mentally speaking, “he says.

‘Why do we get high?’ Intends to give us the key points to a modern and updated vision on the origin and causes of why human beings fall into infinite modalities of addictive behaviors and bonds. The work reviews and synthesizes the experience of 20 years of reflections and works on the topic, erasing misunderstandings and superficial visions. The second part is extended to give a vision of professional work with these people. His thoughts and reflections are in agreement with those who have been working on the subject for the past 90 years. José Antonio Rodríguez Piedrabuena is a member of the International Society of Psychoanalysis, the Group Analysis in London, the Spanish Society of Psychiatry and the Institute of Psychosomatic Studies and Medical Psychotherapy.

The Scientific Foundations of the Mediterranean Diet and Exercise

Dr. José Antonio Rodríguez Piedrabuena, specialist in psychiatry and psychoanalysis, analyzes, in depth, the scientific foundations of the Mediterranean diet and physical exercise.

“We are inundated with headlines about health, especially about what we should eat.” An infinite variety of diets appear in the form of books and headlines. In this book you will not find recipes. It is about updating the reader on the scientific foundations of what we should eat, to do so, it is necessary to consider the body, the human being, as a unit. This is why I included a description of the digestive process, foods and their properties, antioxidants, and the role and functions of the digestive system, from the mouth to the rectum.

“I describe the brain-digestive system unity with the intestinal flora. What does not appear in the miracle or other fad diets, is an any organ like the liver or lungs. The thousands of intestinal bacteria that work for us can also cause diseases, lengthen our lives, improve our memories, intervene in our emotional state, lower or raise cholesterol, or interve in cardiovascular health. And we explain how to take care of this organ, and how to feed it. We eat not only for ourselves, also for them. But without physical exercise, no diet is worth it. And my book explains why. The functions of muscle, adipose tissue, the intervention of our skeleton, the brain system and the digestive system, act as an inseparable unit and diet is simply one more component. In short, it is a scientific view of food, which is something more than the digestive system or food itself. If we understand all of this, we can live longer with better health. Intense physical exercise lengthens telomeres and therefore our longevity.”