Authoritarian leaders, progressive leaders

Alexander the Great directly attacked the Persian warlord who fled in fright scattering his army. Hernán Cortés with only five cavalrymen charged Aztec Cihuacóatl, shot him down and his army was dispersed. Tito, the marshal, goes to another life and Yugoslavia split up; Saddam Hussein, eliminated, his people continue fighting among themselves. Franco died and […]

The Elections, Part One

Our brain has not been built for us, it comes from a series of preserved adaptive successes, modules, parts, systems that come from evolution, which explain why we are the way we are. Moreover, the structure of our brain is common to all animals that have vertebrae. We cannot be so naive that all of […]

How do our Brains Work?

Rafael Yuste, a Spaniard, at Columbia University in New York City, is studying in a program focused on the brain for ten years in the US. So take a look at the simplifications that are working out there. “It’s a type of exploratory research, like getting to a new continent and seeing it for the […]

Stories about our Brains in the Media

“A team of researchers from the Pohang University of Science and Technology in Korea have created some organic nano cables that simulate the functioning of biological synapses; the highways of our brain. The distinction of this advance is that they consume almost the same energy as ours, about 1.23 femtojoules. “Now they “only” have to […]

The Deforestation of Spain

The agriculture industry is being deserted due to lack of economic profitability, yet, we all know that some deserts or almost deserts, due to a gold rush were filled with inhabitants. Politicians say that towns have to be filled with services; here where I am there are … for those who are left, the elderly. […]

Arsonists and Rapists

We are surprised that a crocodile is so tender as to transport the eggs, from one place to another until their children are born, or that a panther is loving and takes great care of its children. In another scene we will see both with unusual ferocity. That is the functioning of all brains and […]

The Genetics of Human Beings

Dr. José Antonio Rodríguez Piedrabuena, a specialist in psychiatry and psychoanalysis, reflects on the genetic programming of human beings in the fourth video of the five made by PROA Communicación. “New technology moves us away from our genetic programming, Our genetic programming is based on love, coexistence and nature.” José Antonio Rodríguez Piedrabuena is a […]

Why do we Use Drugs?

Dr. José Antonio Rodríguez Piedrabuena, a specialist in psychiatry and psychoanalysis, reflects on drugs and addictions that distance human beings from their genetic programming in the second video of five made by PROA Communication. “Our genetic programming look for simple, natural pleasures, nothing to do with what we can find in the aisles of the […]

The Scientific Foundations of the Mediterranean Diet and Exercise

Dr. José Antonio Rodríguez Piedrabuena, specialist in psychiatry and psychoanalysis, analyzes, in depth, the scientific foundations of the Mediterranean diet and physical exercise. “We are inundated with headlines about health, especially about what we should eat.” An infinite variety of diets appear in the form of books and headlines. In this book you will not […]