José Antonio R. Piedrabuena <span class="dash">——</span> The intestinal flora and our health

The gut flora is a striking display of trans-kingdom symbiosis cooperating gut bacteria with their animal hosts to regulate the development and function of the immune, metabolic and nervous systems through dynamic two-way communication along the “gut axis-” brain”. These processes can affect human health, as certain human behaviors appear to correlate with the composition […]

Madrid <span class="dash">——</span> cultural model that should be exported

I usually point out the importance of the conquest of Hayek’s climate of opinion, the philosophy of the non-philosophers Gramscian or Laclau’s floating signifiers in matters such as feminism, sexuality or the environment, when the Spanish center-right of the cultural battle. And I do so remembering, above all, the importance of not arguing with the […]

Red lines

The reconstruction phase will soon begin, in which we have to be on site to avoid the damage that can occur to one of the social systems that, although perfectible, works best in our country: the pension system. There is no doubt that Spanish and European bodies are preparing documents with proposals on how to […]