Red lines

The reconstruction phase will soon begin, in which we have to be on site to avoid the damage that can occur to one of the social systems that, although perfectible, works best in our country: the pension system. There is no doubt that Spanish and European bodies are preparing documents with proposals on how to […]

The Evil of the Narcissist

Narcissistic personality disorder has some of the following traits: chameleon-like character and verbiage, and a vacuum that is plugged by the cultivation of the image. The narcissist is interested in power, -the rest does not count-, he is amoral, vain, envious, with strategic empathy, demanding of others and extraordinarily tolerant of their traps. A calculator, […]

Pilates: Harmony between Mind and Body

Pilates highlights that physical health is an essential requirement for happiness. In its 10th Anniversary Videos, Proa Comunicación analyzes Pilates as a lifestyle that creates harmony between the mind and the body, elaborating as to what extent it can help improve our health and well-being.