José Antonio R. Piedrabuena <span class="dash">——</span> The intestinal flora and our health

The gut flora is a striking display of trans-kingdom symbiosis cooperating gut bacteria with their animal hosts to regulate the development and function of the immune, metabolic and nervous systems through dynamic two-way communication along the “gut axis-” brain”. These processes can affect human health, as certain human behaviors appear to correlate with the composition […]

José Antonio R. Piedrabuena <span class="dash">——</span> It’s the citizens’ fault

The Council of the World Health Organization (WTO) has repeatedly mentioned the disappointment and physical and emotional exhaustion of health care workers and warned that September “generates a growing sense of fear and desolation because of the progressive increase in serious cases that threatens to flood our health centers, emergencies and hospitals.  A resentment of […]

José Antonio R. Piedrabuena <span class="dash">——</span> Summer diet

A good gazpacho can be made with tomato, melon, watermelon, cucumber, onion, olive oil, garlic and lemon juice  This is a way of heading an article that may seem strange, but it gives me no idea what to see people with their water bottles and the possibility of overloading the kidney.  That can and should […]