Top Comunicación echoes Olga Cuenca’s Speech at Deusto’s Leadership Lunch

Top Comunicación, the leading portal in the communication sector, featured a speech from Olga Cuenca, former president of Llorente and Cuenca, at the Leadership Lunch organized by Proa Comunicación in the Deusto Business School. In her speech she spoke about her career path. “The secret to success is to work hard, learn constantly and work […]

Presence and Cosmetics

When I started coaching 15 years ago in Spain, the problem was that no one knew what coaching was. They not only did not know what it was but the did not know how to pronounce the Anglo-Saxon word with its origin from sports. Now the problem that I have found is that everyone has […]

Is it Possible to Lead Without Lies?

These days, plastic has invaded everything in such a way that a few brave – with a lot of suffering, so it is said – presume to live without plastic. They appear on television reports working like fools not to use a single plastic wrap throughout the day. You have to admire their discipline and […]

Are You Captivated by the Leadership in Game of Thrones?

Say no more. As a woman, as a coach, and as a student of leadership, I have always been puzzled by the collective fascination with such a violent series. Beyond the huge investment in historical sets, highly worked aesthetics, original plots and -let’s not be innocent- in-depth and extensive sexual content, its capacity to captivate […]

Reputation is Built From Within

We have heard over and over again that the best protection against a PR crisis is to have a great reputation and a tightly knit network of support. Those of us who dedicate ourselves to the wonderful world of corporate communication know that getting those two things right requires plenty of time and effort on […]